Giant Tata IPO launched on 11 January 2024, What next ?

Giant Tata IPO launched on 11 January 2024, What next ?

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There is a lot of turmoil going on in the market as the dates of the expected IPOs coming in 2024 have been released, and one such very exciting and good IPO was launched on 11th January which ran till 15th January.

The most special thing in this was that Tata, a well-known company in the industry, was already seen as a customer of this company.

This is a very good opportunity, motivating investors to join the upcoming initial public offering race.

In this exciting race across the financial landscape, it is an exciting journey into stock and investment prospects.

About the Tata company ?

New Swan Multitech is one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for cars, engine hangers, hinged body covers etc.

This is also primarily to complement the engine hanger, and the hinged body cover also gives this new direction to the styling.

Automotive companies like Tata, Hero, Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki, Honda and Mahindra Two Wheelers are included in the list of its customers.

It has won the credibility of these companies for many years and is working for them in future also.

It knows its work well to do it in the best possible way, as it is not just a maker of accessories; Rather, it strives to provide the best comfort to every automobile and works with the aim of making every drive a pleasure.

About New Swan Multitech IPO

New Swan Multitech is known as an active company in the automotive scene since 1985. The company is a veteran of the industry,

having specialized in road testing for almost 39 years and it can be gauged from the fact that a renowned customer like Tata has so much faith in the company that it has become its first customer.

It means that it has been earning credibility for many years. And automotive excellence remains constant, and this is also possible because this company is moving ahead with innovation keeping in mind the changing times,

making this company’s journey in the fast-paced world of automobiles a step closer to keeping up with the changing times. Mixing is going on.

In the auto mobile sector, this company has earned a lot of name and till now has maintained the trust of its customers and to keep this trust always,

they are seen making continuous efforts due to which famous names are seen among their customers.

IPO opportunity in Company

New Swan Multitech appeared to be pointing towards new financial gains with its IPO. They have started it at an attractive price of Rs 62 to Rs 66. For which time was given from January 11 to January 15.

For the investors participating in this, the minimum investment of one lot was Rs 1 lakh 32 thousand, i.e. 2,000 shares. This is considered a great opportunity; This is like a golden opportunity for investors to achieve financial success.

Listing Details of Company

The new Swan Multitech IPO is a book built issue of approximately Rs 33.11 crore and can be called a fresh issue of approximately 50.16 lakh shares.

The start of bidding for New Swan Multitech IPO started from January 11, 2024 and ended on January 15, 2024.

The allotment for the IPO of this company was finalized on Tuesday 16/01/2024 and its shares got listed on BSE and SME on 18/01/2024.

The starting price of New Swan Multitech IPO was fixed at ₹62 to ₹66 per share. For the investors participating in this, the minimum investment of one lot was Rs 1 lakh 32 thousand, i.e. 2,000 shares.

The book running lead managers of the New Swan Multitech IPO are Hem Securities Ltd and Share India Capital Services Pvt Ltd and BigShare Services Pvt Ltd is the registrar to the issue.

Hem Finleys is the market maker for the IPO of New Swan Multitech Company.

Who Were’s ?

Kanwardeep Singh, Upkar Singh and Barunpreet Singh Ahuja are the best and visionary people of this company, who have come to write the success story of New Swan Multitech.

Every success of the company and the credibility of its good customer base is due to his leadership. Thereafter the IPO registration of this company is guided and relied upon by the trusted registrar, BigShare Services Pvt.

Overall, the IPO of this company has come with a new thrill, which created a stir in the entire market.

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