Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2023,2040|Complete Analysis

Complete Analysis – Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2024,2025,2030,2040

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Shilpa Medicare Company Overview :-

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Shilpa Medicare Company is an Indian medicine manufacturing company that specializes in active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations.

This company was founded in 1987 by Mr. It was established by Vishnukant C.Bhutada, the head quarter of this company is located in Karnataka India.

 Many APIs are being worked on by Shilpa Medicare. This company deals with ONCOLOGY, GASTRIC, CARDIOLOGY CMS CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM AND KIDNEY,

This company is working on formulations related to NEPHROLOGY. The API of this company is more than 300 in gastro and nephrology and it has more than 180 formulations.

 This company exports its products to more than 70 countries. This company provides contract research to multinational and domestic pharmaceuticals. This company has made its place even stronger in oncology. 

This company is ensuring its investment on companies with different products. Shilpa Medicare Company is working on market research and different strategies to increase its expansion in the market.

Shilpa Medicare Company has become a big player in the pharmaceutical industry and its track record is well established.

Business Model

 Shilpa Medicare Company works in a business model. This company works on things related to pharmaceutical i.e. medicines. Its business model ranges from pharmaceutical chain, research, development to manufacturing and marketing.

 The main objective of this company is only on pharmaceutical industry, especially on API and formulations. Under this, everything from cancer drugs to generic medicines is sold in India and abroad outside India.

 Shilpa Medicare Company provides its services to other similarly stressed companies so that the company is able to manufacture its own goods and sell them in the market.

Shilpa Medicare Company provides services to these companies like development analysis, development stability study and clinical trials.

 This company has a team of more than 300 scientists who always pay attention to new medicines and therapeutics.

 To make Shilpa Medicare Company a global company, good systems and good marketing are done by this company, due to which it has become a global company.

Shilpa Medicare Company is certified by US FDA and CMA and PMDA gas agencies. Overall, Shilpa Medicare’s model is based on best-in-class medicine quality and global reach.

Basics Of Shilpa Medicare:-

It allows other companies like it to specialize in manufacturing their own goods.

The differentiated product portfolio is over 300 different APIs and over 180 plus formulations.

The company has a strong global presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Shilpa Medicare Company is traded on BSE & NSE.

Performance Of Shilpa Medicare

Shilpa Medicare Company has recently started its expansion globally and the growth of this company has accelerated in recent years. Which company’s performance is very strong?

The performance of the company is given in the following:-

Revenue – The revenue of Shilpa Medicare Company has increased continuously till 2022. If seen according to the financial year 2022, it has decreased by 11 percent.

Which is questionable, in the year 2021, the share of Shilpa Company was bigger than it but by the time of 2022, there has been a sudden downfall which is natural.

 Profit – According to the profitability of this company 2022, it is running at a loss of 2 points of ₹15. Its profit was 2 points of ₹45 in the year 2022 but it is incurring a huge loss in 2023.

Research and Development —— Shilpa Medicare Company is continuously investing in research and development. This company is therefore investing in its development.

Because with this it becomes necessary for its new medicines and the medicines it is selling and can cure diseases well.

Global Presence —- This company has a very strong global presence. This company installs products in more than 70 countries.

Fundamental Analysis Of Shilpa Medicare

Profitability – The revenue growth of this company was very good in the last few years but if we talk about 2023, this company is running in loss of about 2 points at ₹15 per share.

 Revenue Growth —- The annual profit growth of this company was very high in the last 3 to 4 years but its revenue growth has dropped to 11% in 2023. This is 11% CGR.

 David to Equity – As of March 2023, this company has no debt-to-equity ratio at all.

ROE —- The rising ROE of this company is 7.7 percent, the rising is less than last 3 years due to which it can also be seen that this company may be lower as compared to its peers.

 Overall, this company is fundamentally strong. Some ups and downs are common in companies. The company’s focus on R&D and regular dividend payment also indicates long-term growth.

Share Holders Of Shilpa Medicare Centre

The following are the shareholders of Shilpa Medicare Limited as of December 31, 2021:-

 S Ramesh Babu – 11.25 percent

 Life Insurance Corporation of India 10.91 percent

  Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index Fund 1.72 percent

 Nomura India Investment Fund Mother Fund 1.67 percent

 Societe Generale ODI 1.29 percent

 HUF of the promoter family 1.14 percent 

 HDFC Trustee Company Limited- AC HDFC Capital Builder Fund 1.13%

 Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund 1.2 percent

 SBI Small Cap Fund 0.99 percent

 Goldman Sachs India Fund Limited 0.98 percent

Let us tell you that the shareholder name pattern given by us may change with time.

Please search the names given by us thoroughly and generate your results. The figures given by us may be different also. Please do not take it as true, do your research.

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Services Given By Shilpa Medicare Ltd.

There are many types of services available by Shilpa Medicare Company which you can use. Following are some of the services provided by the company:-

Contract Manufacturing :- Shilpa Medicare Company works to manufacture medicines by taking contracts from other pharmaceutical companies.

This company provides its facilities keeping in mind the international quality. This company can manufacture a wide range of APIs, finished dosage forms and biologics.

Research and Development :- A special focus of this company is engaged in research and development work, this company attracts many investors in this field.

So that its products can grow further and perform better at the global level, it also works to improve its existing systems.

To achieve even better growth, the company works on new technology, process optimization and new formulations.

 Regulatory Service :- This company ensures its services to foreign countries considering the rules made by them. It helps in getting regulatory approvals from different countries for the product.

Marketing and Distribution :- Shilpa Medicare Company sends its products to the Indian market only and also sells it internationally.

  It has a strong presence in oncology. The company also offers a range of products such as Formulation API and Bio Logic,

 If seen, this company provides services to a very wide range of pharmaceutical industry.

As things like research and development, contract research, regulatory service, marketing and distribution etc. come under it, this company is engaged in expanding its service further so that it can grow even more and produce bigger products.

Share Holding Pattern Of Shilpa Medicare

As of December 31, 2021, the shareholding pattern of Shilpa Medicare Limited is as follows:


S.B. Shetty & Family: 35.70%

S Ramesh Babu: 11.25%

S.B. Shetty HUF: 1.14%

S Ramesh Babu HUF: 0.16%

Total promoter holding: 48.25%


Life Insurance Corporation of India: 10.91%

Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund: 1.72%

Nomura India Investment Fund Mother Fund: 1.67%

Societe Generale-ODI: 1.29%

HDFC Trustee Company Limited – A/c HDFC Capital Builder Fund: 1.13%

Goldman Sachs India Fund Ltd: 0.98%

UTI Equity Fund: 0.81%

SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme: 0.65%

Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund: 0.64%

Franklin India Small Companies Fund: 0.62%

Total holding institutions: 20.62%


General public: 18.12%

Foreign Portfolio Investors: 5.51%

Central Government / State Government / President of India: 0.50%

Total non-institution holding: 24.13%

The above figures may be subject to change based on subsequent disclosures by the company or regulatory changes.

History Of Shilpa Medicare Ltd. Share Price

The last five years share price history of Shilpa Medicare Limited is as follows:

As of March 31, 2018: INR 426.55

As of March 31, 2019: INR 420.05

As of March 31, 2020: INR 272.25

As of March 31, 2021: INR 538.10

By March 31, 2022: INR 369.95

It is important to note that share price can be affected by various factors such as company performance, industry trends, economic conditions and market sentiment.

Therefore, past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance, and investors should do their own research and analysis before making investment decisions.

Here are some companies that operate in the same industry as Shilpa Medicare Limited:

  • Biocon Limited
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited
  • Aurobindo Pharma Limited
  • Lupine Limited
  • Cadila Healthcare Limited
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
  • Cipla Limited
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.

It is important to note that while these companies operate in a similar industry, their business models, product offerings, and market capitalization may differ.

Therefore, investors should do their own research and analysis before taking investment decisions.

Net Worth of Shilpa Medicare Ltd.

As per 30 September 2021, the total assets of Shilpa Medicare Company Limited are Rs 1935 crores. It is important for you to note that the total assets and total liabilities of the company depend on the performance of the company, business operation and financial management.

This Information will be update soon.

Income Statement Analysis Of Shilpa Medicare Ltd.

 Income Statement of Shilpa Medicare Limited as of March 31, 2022 We are 

Revenue – According to the year 2022, this company has earned Rs 1168 crore in a year,

If we look at it, it has increased manifold compared to last year, this is only the performance of API and formulation segment.

 Cost of Goods Sold:-

INCOME: 12Months
Sales Turnover356.95
Excise Duty.00
Other Income40.8620
Manufacturing Expenses17.47
Material Consumed78.79
Personal Expenses110.57
Selling Expenses5.45
Administrative Expenses122.99
Expenses Capitalised.00
Provisions Made.00
Operating Profit21.69
Other Write-offs.00
Profit and Loss for the Year11.35
Non Recurring Items129.64
Other Non Cash Adjustments.00
Other Adjustments.00
Preference Dividend.00
Equity Dividend8.97
Equity Dividend (%)103.31
Shares in Issue (Lakhs)868.02
EPS – Annualised (Rs)16.24

Table Credit – Economics Times

Operating Expenses: Total operating expenses for the year stood at Rs 294.14 crore, an increase of 7.6% over the previous year. The increase in operating expenses was primarily due to an increase in personnel and other expenses.

Operating Profit : Operating profit for the full year was Rs 191.18 crore, showing a growth of 83.4% over the previous year. Operating margin for the full year was 16.2%, an improvement of 6.6 percentage points from the previous year.

Other Income: Other income for the year declined 48.9% year-on-year to Rs1.274 billion. The decrease in other income was mainly due to decline in interest income.

Net Profit: Net profit for the year 2023 was INR 174.68 crore, showing a growth of 95.8% over the previous year. Full year net profit margin was 14.8%, an improvement of 7.5 percentage points from the previous year.

Overall, the company’s income statement reflected strong revenue, gross and net income growth driven by a combination of operating efficiencies and strong performance in the API and Formulations segments.

Shilpa Medicare Ltd. Vision & Value

Shilpa Medicare Limited’s vision is to rise to the global level in the field of pharmaceuticals by continuously improving its quality and services while adding value to its stakeholders.

The company’s value goal objective is to achieve this creation with excellence and continuous improvement by focusing on innovation technology and positioning.

About Values ​​Shilpa Medicare Limited commits itself to maintaining high standards of ethical transparency and social responsibility.

The quality values ​​of the company include that it is committed to strictly adhere to the quality standards to provide products and services with high quality to its customers. 

The same company, from its product development to manufacturing and detailing, advances all its products with a new design and perfect quality.

The company is committed to reducing its impact on the environment throughout its operations and also plays an important role in the society.

It is committed to the communities in which it operates through social and environmental initiatives.

Products Of Shilpa Medicare

Shilpa Medicare Limited Company is a pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of Generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API Intermediates of Formulations.

The API products produced by the company include anticancer drugs, antiretroviral drugs, immunosuppressants and cardiovascular drugs.

Shilpa Medicare Limited produces various types of intermediates for manufacturing APIs and other pharmaceuticals.

Formulations * Shilpa offers its products for different medical areas including Medicare Oncology Cardiology Neurology and Gastroenterology

Some of the products produced by Shilpa Medicare Limited are Capecitabine which is an oral chemotherapy drug for treating various types of cancer,

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor used to treat breast cancer; Docetaxel is a chemotherapy drug used to treat various types of cancer.

Imatinib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor used in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and other cancers.

Tenofovir: An antiretroviral drug used to treat HIV and hepatitis B. These are popular drugs trusted by both doctors and patients. 

Competiting Company Of Shilpa Medicare Ltd

Shilpa Medicare Limited has many domestic and international competing companies in the pharmaceutical industry, the major ones being Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited and Cipla Limited.

Some of the major competitors of Shilpa Medicare Limited include:

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Cipla Limited

Lupine Limited

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited

Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Biocon Limited

Cadila Healthcare Limited

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited

Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited

Speciality Of Company In Its Sector

 Shilpa Medicare has established itself as a leading player in the pharma sector, with particular focus on the cancer sector.

This company has focused more on research and development and has increased its capacity in API manufacturing and formulation. Some of its special features are as follows:-

 Oncology – Shilpa Medicare Company is a big chain in the field of oncology. This company is expanding its products more and more in the field of cancer. Its portfolio is very large at the cancer level.

 API Manufacturing – The API system of this company is very special and fast as compared to the common system, due to which this company is able to manufacture modern medicines, trees etc. well, due to which it is becoming international famous.

 Contract Manufacturing – This company provides its services to other companies like it by taking contracts with them for making their medicines so that the goods, medicines etc. of those companies can work well and improve the health of the people.

 Its purpose is that it should reach its international level of development and move forward in as many different fields as possible.

Shilpa Medicare Last 5 Year Financial Condition/Balance Sheet

 12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths 
Equity Share Capital8.688. 
Reserves and Surplus2,056.991,629.681,445.271,273.391,148.83 
TOTAL RESERVES AND SURPLUS2,056.991,629.681,445.271,273.391,148.83 
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS2,065.671,637.831,453.421,281.551,156.98 
Long Term Borrowings120.28324.52164.4881.1068.11 
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net]75.0456.8430.3956.0061.07 
Other Long Term Liabilities9.0010.464.4014.704.82 
Long Term Provisions5.8313.768.725.365.08 
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES210.15405.58208.00157.15139.08 
Short Term Borrowings73.75328.91156.4078.7292.95 
Trade Payables23.9056.9176.6371.3798.86 
Other Current Liabilities516.0076.99119.8576.5356.68 
Short Term Provisions6.6511.176.972.972.57 
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES620.30473.98359.86229.59251.05 
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES2,896.122,517.392,021.281,668.291,547.12 
Tangible Assets548.30624.29500.39460.49437.81 
Intangible Assets17.4816.6116.6150.3550.88 
Capital Work-In-Progress52.57297.19244.18284.80131.00 
Other Assets0. 
FIXED ASSETS858.891,123.24889.81912.05689.68 
Non-Current Investments237.50219.3293.4889.04111.35 
Deferred Tax Assets [Net] 
Long Term Loans And Advances577.97357.9496.1872.1133.75 
Other Non-Current Assets17.8537.0034.1274.6759.12 
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS1,692.221,737.501,113.591,147.87893.90 
Current Investments0. 
Trade Receivables102.73218.27226.54181.68218.14 
Cash And Cash Equivalents15.83115.2728.1990.9373.14 
Short Term Loans And Advances0. 
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS1,203.90779.90907.69520.42653.22 
TOTAL ASSETS2,896.122,517.392,021.281,668.291,547.12 
Contingent Liabilities374.38207.7940.60164.64171.64 
Raw Materials217.59223.09189.96163.32248.57 
Stores, Spares And Loose Tools0. 
Trade/Other Goods0. 
Capital Goods0. 
Expenditure In Foreign Currency63.82109.0823.8213.4616.70 
Dividend Remittance In Foreign Currency1.211.260.42 
FOB Value Of Goods651.36507.79520.64398.69422.60 
Other Earnings 
Bonus Equity Share Capital3.783.783.783.783.78 
Non-Current Investments Quoted Market Value 
Non-Current Investments Unquoted Book Value237.50219.3293.4889.04111.35 
Current Investments Quoted Market Value 
Current Investments Unquoted Book Value119.54


Shilpa Medicare Annual Reports :-

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2023,2040|Complete Analysis

Source – Valueresearchonline (You Can Also See Live Chart)

Shilpa Medicare Today’s Live chart :- Click Chart For Live

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2023,2040|Complete Analysis

Shilpa Company Business Analysis

Shilpa Medicare Company Strength:-

1. Financial Strength:-

Here are some key financial strength indicators:-

debt-to-equity ratio

interest coverage ratio

current ratio

cash and cash equivalents

2. There Strength :-

Shilpa Medicare Limited has several strengths that have contributed to its success in the pharmaceutical industry. Here are some of the company’s key strengths:

Strong Product Portfolio:-

R&D Capabilities:

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Strong Distribution Network:

Experienced Management Team:

Shilpa Medicare Limited’s strengths have enabled it to build a reputation as a quality-driven and innovative pharmaceutical company that is well positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities in the domestic and international markets.

Cash Flow Statement analysis –

IndicatorGraphCAGR 3 YrsCAGR 5 YrsMar-2022Mar-2021Mar-2020Mar-2019Mar-2018Mar-2017Mar-2016Mar-2015Mar-2014Mar-2013Mar-2012
Cash from Operating Activity Annual Cr  -10.5%22.9%105.147.1123.7146.844.937.5128.768.870.243.553.7
Cash from Investing Activity Annual Cr13.3%1.7%-285.5-404.3-288.8-196.2-8.8-262.2-109.2-195.2-48.9-81.7-149.7
Cash from Financing Annual Activity Cr101.7%-23.3%82.9436.4175.510.1-60.9312.7-19.7135-28.366.310.4
Net Cash Flow Annual Cr  35.4%-97.579.210.4-39.3-24.788-0.28.7-7.128.2-85.6

Source – Trendlyne

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030,2040:-

We at are here to give you estimated information about share price targets for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030.

And 2040 Please note that this price target is only a suggestion given by our analysis. Price target which is made by us.

That would be accurate/correct is almost impossible. Errors are always present in any analysis, but we do our best to give you a good price target.

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Targets 2023

The company has a highly skilled and experienced work force, which always strives to meet the needs of the customers. Shilpa Medicare Company always strives for the highest standards in manufacturing,

Manufactures its products by adopting latest technology and providing best quality products. According to our analysis Fiam Industries share price target for 2023 is ₹250 first target and ₹260 second target.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price

May 2023
 264.901 261.112 253.382 264.901
June 2023 260.501 256.038 254.457 261.493

July 2023
 259.733 281.916 259.355 281.916
August 2023 282.634 267.295 267.295 285.191

September 2023
 265.472 261.458 261.458 268.213
October 2023 262.872 259.925 259.851 264.119

November 2023
 259.139 252.353 248.235 259.139
December 2023 251.073 255.683 251.073 257.838

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2024

The company, through its research and development team, provides products that meet the needs of customers and are preferred by more and more people.

The company’s products are created by understanding the needs of the consumers through innovative technology, which enables the company to share the price target for the industries for 2024, the first target can be ₹240, the second target can be ₹255.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2024 258.086 249.612 247.975 258.086
February 2024 248.621 233.640 233.640 248.621
March 2024 231.697 228.918 225.673 232.976
April 2024 234.761 263.729 234.761 266.649
May 2024 262.828 257.603 251.702 262.828
June 2024 260.260 254.259 253.114 260.260
July 2024 257.837 281.086 257.347 281.086
August 2024 280.969 264.534 264.534 283.789
September 2024 266.226 261.909 260.639 266.872
October 2024 261.557 257.174 257.174 262.903
November 2024 254.880 249.439 247.000 254.922
December 2024 252.534 256.719 250.780 256.807

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2025

With the changing world, the company is trying to produce its products as per the needs of the customers, which is its best feature. If we look at the share price targets 2025, the first target can be ₹245, the second target can be ₹256. |

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2025 256.606 245.813 245.813 256.606
February 2025 247.585 230.899 230.899 247.585
March 2025 232.097 231.848 224.334 232.097
April 2025 233.045 262.573 233.045 265.226
May 2025 260.895 255.970 250.168 260.895
June 2025 258.911 255.985 251.862 258.911
July 2025 256.346 278.740 255.372 278.758
August 2025 277.949 263.738 263.738 282.397
September 2025 265.104 260.609 259.852 265.645
October 2025 260.265 254.513 254.513 261.659
November 2025 254.576 247.783 245.876 254.576
December 2025 250.938 255.370 249.263 255.460

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2026

Due to the company’s API & formulation, its growth is increasing rapidly in the country and abroad. If we look at the share price targets of 2026, the first target can be ₹ 245, the second target can be ₹ 258.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2026 254.474 244.681 244.681 258.623
February 2026 246.556 230.145 230.145 246.556
March 2026 231.247 230.175 223.117 231.247
April 2026 231.358 260.618 231.358 263.512
May 2026 258.264 254.228 248.796 258.264
June 2026 257.443 254.504 250.699 257.522
July 2026 254.878 275.694 253.430 276.389
August 2026 280.087 264.112 263.086 280.807
September 2026 263.778 259.332 259.076 264.337
October 2026 258.183 254.099 254.099 260.308
November 2026 254.237 249.315 244.430 254.237
December 2026 249.500 253.224 247.726 254.066

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2027

We cannot write the appropriate target for the company’s share but can write it approximately, the first target can be ₹ 243, the second target can be ₹ 254.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2027 251.645 243.525 243.525 254.602
February 2027 245.476 229.440 229.440 245.476
March 2027 230.433 228.531 221.998 230.433
April 2027 228.885 257.963 228.682 262.540
May 2027 257.745 255.856 247.601 257.745
June 2027 256.019 253.045 249.324 256.126
July 2027 252.617 273.321 251.525 273.939
August 2027 278.033 262.813 262.575 279.723
September 2027 262.478 257.264 257.264 262.957
October 2027 255.408 253.617 253.617 258.918
November 2027 253.883 247.871 242.952 253.883
December 2027 248.080 250.381 246.163 252.690

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2028

Most of the company’s pressures are being made on cancer only. This company has put all its efforts to take its research development to sky heights so that this company can expand its market and get profit. Keeping this in view, our first Target ₹248, second target can be ₹252.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2028 251.645 243.525 248.525 252.602
February 2028 242.476 229.440 248.440 252.476
March 2028 232.433 228.531 241.998 240.433
April 2028 227.885 257.963 238.682 252.540
May 2028 258.745 255.856 247.601 257.745
June 2028 255.019 253.045 248.324 246.126
July 2028 251.617 273.321 251.525 253.939
August 2028 277.033 262.813 242.575 259.723
September 2028 261.478 257.264 257.264 262.957
October 2028 252.408 253.617 254.617 258.918
November 2028 251.883 247.871 256.952 257.883
December 2028 250.080 250.381 248.163 256.690

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2029

Considering that the company is setting up its entire sector in India, our first target can be ₹255, second target can be ₹260.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2028 255.645 243.525 255.525 260.602
February 2028 255.476 229.440 229.440 245.476
March 2028 242.433 228.531 221.998 230.433
April 2028 252.885 257.963 228.682 262.540
May 2028 251.745 255.856 247.601 257.745
June 2028 257.019 253.045 249.324 256.126
July 2028 252.617 273.321 251.525 273.939
August 2028 258.033 262.813 262.575 279.723
September 2028 252.478 257.264 257.264 262.957
October 2028 245.408 253.617 253.617 258.918
November 2028 243.883 247.871 242.952 253.883
December 2028 258.080 250.381 246.163 252.690

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2030

Competing companies of Shilpa Medicare Company are also given API & formulation by this company to make new medicines so that they can also make similar medicines. Our first target can be ₹ 262, second target can be ₹ 265.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2028 263.645 260.525 262.525 265.602
February 2028 262.476 229.440 229.440 245.476
March 2028 264.433 228.531 221.998 230.433
April 2028 260.885 257.963 228.682 262.540
May 2028 257.745 255.856 247.601 257.745
June 2028 246.019 253.045 249.324 256.126
July 2028 252.617 273.321 251.525 273.939
August 2028 278.033 262.813 262.575 279.723
September 2028 262.478 257.264 257.264 262.957
October 2028 255.408 253.617 253.617 258.918
November 2028 253.883 247.871 242.952 253.883
December 2028 248.080 250.381 246.163 252.690

Shilpa Medicare Share Price Target 2040

The way the company is developing its larger network and production capacity of more products and trying to increase its sales in different regions of India.

Also, at the international level also, it is estimated that there will be good growth prospects for the company in the coming time. As per our analysis the share price target for 2040 is ₹268 with the first target and ₹272 as the second target.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
January 2028 261.645 263.525 268.525 272.602
February 2028 265.476 269.440 264.440 265.476
March 2028 260.433 268.531 261.998 263.433
April 2028 268.885 267.963 268.682 262.540
May 2028 267.745 265.856 267.601 263.745
June 2028 266.019 263.045 259.324 264.126
July 2028 262.617 263.321 261.525 268.939
August 2028 268.033 262.813 262.575 270.723
September 2028 262.478 267.264 267.264 269.957
October 2028 265.408 263.617 263.617 268.918
November 2028 263.883 267.871 262.952 263.883
December 2040 268.080 260.381 266.163 252.690

Shilpa Medicare Past Sales

The past sales figures of Shilpa Medicare Limited are as follows:

FY 2020-2021: INR 1,367 crore

FY 2019-2020: INR 1,144 crore

FY 2018-2019: INR 1,004 crore

Financial Year 2017-2018: INR 825 Crore

FY 2016-2017: INR 702 crore

Shilpa Medicare Ltd. Future Retail Competitor

Shilpa Medicare Limited is a pharmaceutical company, and as such, is not a direct competitor of Future Retail Limited, which is a retail company.

However, in the broader sense of competition in the Indian stock market, both companies compete for investors’ attention and capital.

Additionally, investors can compare the financial performance and valuation metrics of both companies to determine which offers a better investment opportunity.

Share Holding Pattern

Share Holding Pattern
Holder’s NameNo of Shares% Share Holding

Note that this information is as per the company’s latest disclosures and is subject to change in the future.

10 Year’s Data of Shilpa Medicare Ltd.

Analysis of Financial Track Record

Data adjusted to bonus, split, extra-ordinary income, rights issue and change in financial year end

Sales ⓘ3715716147167797897339089011,1461,127
YoY Gr. Rt. %53.9%7.4%16.7%8.8%1.2%-7%23.8%-0.8%27.1%
Adj EPS ⓘ6.411.19.414.4131210.717.710.95.90.6
YoY Gr. Rt. %75%-15.8%53.8%-10.1%-7.6%-10.6%65.6%-38.4%-46.3%
BVPS (₹) ⓘ43.553.970.982.9123.2133.1146.9163.1181.4209.9206.2
Adj Net Profit ⓘ46.881.972.211110497.787.314589515
Cash Flow from Ops. ⓘ43.67068.812937.544.914712446.9105
Debt/CF from Ops. ⓘ

Source –

CAGR ⓘCAGR Colour Code Guide ⓘ
9 Years5 Years3 Years1 Years
Sales ⓘ13.3%8%16%27.1%
Adj EPS ⓘ-0.9%-14.7%-18.2%-46.3%
BVPS ⓘ19.111.312.615.8
Share Price10.4%-13.2%-3.7%-44.6%

Source –

Key Financial Parameters ⓘPerformance Ratio Colour Code Guide ⓘ
Return on Equity % ⓘ15.722.815.318.712.89.47.711.
On. Profit Mgn % ⓘ18.521.320.622.520.819.221.123.619.117.412.2
Net Profit Mgn % ⓘ12.614.211.61512.912.111.515.
Debt to Equity ⓘ
Working Cap Days ⓘ1511351581581932372662302772730
Cash Conv. Cycle ⓘ44405659841161411261661610

Source –

Recent Performance Summary

Sales growth has been growing at a good rate over the last 3 years at 16.03%

Sales growth is good at 14.80% over the last 4 quarters

Return on equity has fallen to 0.30% compared to the last 3 year average

Net profit has decreased in the last 3 years by -18.16%

Latest Financials – Shilpa Medicare Ltd.

TTM EPS (₹)-2.70.6
TTM Sales (₹ Cr.)2541,127
BVPS (₹.) ⓘ247206.2
Reserves (₹ Cr.) ⓘ2,1351,781
P/BV ⓘ0.931.11
PE ⓘ0.00388.28

Source –

From the Market
52 Week Low / High (₹)222.40 / 503.05
All Time Low / High (₹)0.39 / 786.75
Market Cap (₹ Cr.)1,991
Equity (₹ Cr.)8.7
Face Value (₹)1
Industry PE ⓘ36.2

Source –

Quarterly Results

 Mar’22Gr. Rt. %Jun’22Gr. Rt. %Sep’22Gr. Rt. %Dec’22Gr. Rt. %
Sales 34163.726110263-11263-3.6
Adj EPS 3.4255.20.1-47.4-2.2-228-0.8-169.1
On. Profit Mgn %  21.657.884.6411.92
Net Profit Mgn % 9.001.18-6.23-2.65

Source –

Company Major Risk & Economic Weakness:-

Here we will tell you some economic and major risk weaknesses of this company:-

1. Regulatory Risk – This industry is highly regulated and the company may face some challenges in getting its products approved.

They may face some delay in approval of their product or their financial performance may be affected.

2. Competition:- This company has to face other good players in the pharmaceutical industry, this divides the market and customer share of this company in the market.

3. Dependence on Key Customers – The company derives some of its annual revenue from some of its own key customers and if a customer leaves this company and goes to another company, its financial performance may be affected.

4. Dependence on Key Products:- If any product of the company is less useful or in demand in the market, then the company may have to face competition on its product.

5. Foreign Exchange Risk:- As a company that exports its products, it may face problems due to fluctuations in currency rates.

6. Economic Condition:- In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be affected if the demand for products increases and the company’s economy is not good.

Let us tell you that the company has its own strategies by which they manage themselves, due to this you will have to do market research beforehand and only then you will have to decide to invest in it.

Compound Sales Growth & Profit :- 

According to the available financial data, the CAGR of this company was around 11 point 5 percent.

This data is from the financial year 2016 to 2001, this data has reduced in 2022,

Due to this, you should note that there are ups and downs in it. Due to the arrival of Covid-19, a boom was seen in the company but it decreased in 2022.

Company Stock Pe Ratio & Book Value :- 

Due to being dependent on the current market, we do not yet have the Pay Ratio and Book Value for March 31, 2023. If it becomes available, we will update it and let you know. It is important for you to see this.

That by looking at the past record of the company, you cannot say that it will be like this, at any time it can bounce further and go further up or down further.

We again recommend that you invest using your own judgment.

Shilpa Medicare Company Latest Infra Share News Study :-

You can easily find the latest infrastructure stock news by searching online news websites or financial news outlets.

Some popular choices include Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Economic Times.

You may also consider setting up alerts or notifications for news related to Shilpa Medicare Limited or the infrastructure industry,

So that you can stay updated on the latest happenings.

About Investing In Company –

Before investing in the shares of Shilpa Medicare or any other company, you should have a method of the company,

Investigating and analyzing industry trends requires thorough research and thinking for any investment.

We tell you some points which you can read to ensure your investment:-

1. To evaluate the company’s financial performance, growth potential and industry trends.

2. Assessing the company’s management teams and its track record.

3. Evaluating the competitive position of the company, its financial strengths, weaknesses and looking into the future.

4. Seeing the company’s valuation and financial metrics falling short of the company’s value.

5. If you want to reduce the risk of investment, then you can also go to different companies and by looking at them you can ensure investment.

Current Status Of Company :- 

Let us tell you the current status that the growth of this company has gone down which is worrying, you can see this through the live chart provided by us.


How To Buy Share :-

To buy shares of Shilpa Medicare Limited or any other company you need to follow these steps:

Open a Demat Account: A demat account is a type of account where your purchased shares are stored electronically. You can open a Demat account with a bank, financial institution or brokerage firm.

Fund your account: After opening a demat account, you need to deposit money into it to buy shares. You can transfer money to your demat account through net banking or by visiting your bank branch.

Choose a Broker: To buy shares, you need to choose a broker who can execute your trades. You can select a broker based on their reputation, commission fees and other services they provide.

Placing Orders: After choosing a broker, you can place orders to buy shares of Shilpa Medicare Limited through their online trading platform or by calling their customer care.

Keep an eye on your investments: After buying shares, it is important to monitor your investments regularly to stay updated with the company’s performance and market trends.

Expert Opinion On Shilpa Medicare :-

Future Of Shilpa Medicare Ltd:-

Let us tell you that this company is going ahead in the field of oncology. This company has an important area in the Indian pharma industry.

This company provides medicines for dangerous diseases in the market through new technologies so that the best future can be created for the Indian and foreign companies. This company is engaged in correcting its mistakes.

Its API and formulation systems have become more state-of-the-art, however, due to the increasing incidence of cancer and other diseases, the demand for oncology and critical care medicines is increasing.

From which it can be expected that there will be demand for it in the coming days also, which is a good sign, this sign will take the company even further.

Risk In Shilpa Medicare Ltd.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and any change in regulation can affect a company’s operations. The pharmaceutical industry is very competitive.

And there are many companies in the market which are making medicines in competition with it and if any company increases its selling price, quality etc. then this company can lag behind them.

Our suggestion:-

Shilpa Medicare Company Limited is trying to promote all its products domestically and internationally.

Due to which the expansion of this company can be estimated in the near future due to which its shares can be expected to increase. In such a situation, if you are an experienced investor.

So you can decide for yourself whether you should invest in this company or not and if you are an investor.

So you must take information related to investment from the company and you can also visit the company’s website to get its basic information and also you must take advice from your financial advisor.


In the end we want to tell you that Shilpa Medicare is an Indian company which has established its foothold in the pharmaceutical industry.

This company ensures research and development of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations. This company has tried to bring good performance in its revenue growth in the last few financial years.

A good effort has been made by this company to spread its expansion in the country and abroad. This company delivers the medicines manufactured by it to the hospitals, which ensures the treatment of patients suffering from cancer.

Like every company, this is also a company which has its own risks and its own challenges. You should decide to invest only after seeing these and thinking for yourself so that you can get the best profit.

This company takes decisions keeping in mind both good diligence and caution for its customers.

Is company a good stock to buy ?

I can provide information about the company’s financials, operations and other relevant factors that can help investors make informed decisions.

Ultimately, it is important to do your own research, assess your risk tolerance and investment goals, and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

FAQ :-

Shilpa Medicare Company FAQs:-

What is the business model of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Shilpa Medicare Company is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in manufacturing and marketing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), formulations and biotech products for the global market.

When was Shilpa Medicare Company established?

A: Shilpa Medicare Company was established in 1987.

What is the revenue of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Shilpa Medicare Company’s revenue is ₹1,982 crore.

What is the net profit of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Net profit of Shilpa Medicare Company   was Rs 193.718 crore .

Who are the major customers of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Some of the major customers of Shilpa Medicare Company include Teva, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Mylan.

Where is the headquarters of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Shilpa Medicare Company is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

What are some of the products offered by Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Shilpa Medicare Company offers products such as APIs, formulations and biotech products including oncology products, nutraceuticals and veterinary products.

What is the stock symbol of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: Shilpa Medicare Company’s stock symbol is SHILPAMED on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and SHILPAMED-BE on the Bombay Stock Exchange of India (BSE).

What is the market capitalization of Shilpa Medicare Company?

A: As of March 31, 2023, the market capitalization of Shilpa Medicare Company is INR 6,344.81 crore.

Does Shilpa Medicare Company pay dividends to its shareholders?

A: Yes, Shilpa Medicare Company pays dividends to its shareholders. For the financial year 2020-2021, the company paid a dividend of INR 3 per share.

Note –

The stock forecast/price forecast/target given on our website is only for information and educational purpose for stock market participants/traders/investors.

The content we provide here should not be construed as any financial advice or any other type of advice to invest or trade. One should do their own research and analysis before acting on these comments for any stock as the information is only tentative.

Trading and investing involves high risk, please consult your financial advisor before taking any decision and no responsibility will be taken by for any consequences that may arise from acting on these comments.

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