Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2025,2028,2030,2040

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2025,2028,2030,2040

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Orient Green Power Company overview

Orient Green Power Company Limited is a power producing company. Let us tell you that it makes renewable energy for India. The head quarter of this company is located inside Chennai Tamil Nadu.

Let us tell you that this company was incorporated in 2006, after that it was started from 2008. After this, Orient Green Power Company Limited has commissioned Vayu wind mills under the portfolio of 402.3 MW in many states.

Under this, it has been established in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka. This company is enhancing its mission for sustainable development. After this, this company is trying to maintain and enhance this project, while trying to make Renewable Energy Best Power Project in a better way,

to bring maximum returns from it.Oriental Green Power Company is one of the largest renewable energy manufacturing company.

Due to the powerful track record of this company, its development is happening well within all the states. Moving forward with this, now we see the business model of Orient Green Power Company Limited.

Orient Green Power Business Model

Orient Green Power Company is developing energy within India as its independent power producer. Under which it has started its project to make power from wind and biomass. After this, this company will also start preparing solar and hydro power. Orient Green Power Company can start this project soon. Going forward with this you see the business model of Orient Green Power

Diversified Portfolio Project – The way Orient Green Power Power Company is gradually spreading its renewable energy projects across India, it has kept its business model in such a way that it has decided to mitigate risk and bring a continuous source of revenue. With this, Sneh has started launching its project with technology all over India.

Long Term Power Purchase Agreement – Let us tell you that both the government and private customers of Orient Cream have made him agree to this long-term project agreement. Due to which its power purchase agreement will continue the revenue stream. This will help this company to cover its financial which has to be put inside the project.

Experienced Management Team– As we have told you above that this company has a good management team. Proving to be completely helpful in improving the revenue and the old track record. His team is engaged in making his company better and better within the renewable energy sector. Their management team has been given the responsibility of development, construction and operating the project.

So we have told you the business model of Oriental Green Power Company. Now we will give you the financial year 2001 to 2022 of this company, which made a revenue of 7.6 billion rupees. With this, this company has made a net profit of Rs 1.5 billion. This proves that due to the business model of this company and its team management, their revenue is increasing.

Clients of Orient Green Power

  • Government of India
  • State Government of India
  • Private company
  • Independent power consumer

Orient Green Power Company performance

Orient Green Power Company is an Indian renewable energy company that makes electricity from wind and transports it to different places. This company has shown good performance in the past years which includes both good and bad.

This company has grown by 17.6 percent in 2022. Let us tell you that this company has earned Rs 290 crore within 2022, in which it has earned 64% profit. It has made ₹35 crore.

Within the first quarter of 2023, this company has earned ₹ 40crore by 15%, within which it has recorded a profit of 18%, that profit is around ₹ 18 crore. As soon as this company has started making good money from this work,

according to that, slowly the company can become famous all over India and become famous in the world. Along with this, its share price target will also increase, so let’s go ahead and know about the shareholders of this company.

Share Holding Pattern Of OGP

Share holding pattern of Orient Green Power Company as of March 31, 2023:

  • Promoters: 32.53%
  • FIIs/FPIs: 0.01%
  • DIIs: 3.58%
  • Mutual Funds: 63.88%
  • Others: 0.01%

Orient Green Power Company Products

Many products are made by this company, some of which are named –

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Hydro power
  • Hybrid power
  • Floating solar power plant

Orient Green Power Company share price target 2024

Orient Green Power Company has achieved a revenue of more than 300 crores. Let us tell you that in the financial year 2020, 2021, we have made revenue by showing it very well the day before yesterday.

But due to some reason and low power generation, the revenue of this company was reduced. With this, the first target of Orient Green Power share price target 2024 can be ₹ 28, with this the second target can go up to ₹ 22.

Orient Green Power Company share price target 2025

This company has increased the share on earnings, which was Rs 0.05, from which it has been increased to Rs 0.18 last year. And if seen, Orient Green Power Company shares on dividend of 0.8 every year.

With this, if we look at the first target of Orient Green Power share price target 2025, it can touch around ₹ 24. With this, the second share price target can be around ₹ 32.

Orient Green Power Company share price target 2028

Looking at the way Orient Green Power Company is expanding its foothold inside the power sector, it can be guessed that in the coming future, wind power and other big projects of this company can be asked abroad.

If this company rises again in the same way and increases its share price, then its share price target of 2028 can be around ₹ 30 and the second share price target of 2028 can be around ₹ 46.

Orient Green Power Company share price target 2030

If the company withdraws from the stock exchange, it can have a great impact on its share price. If this company remains listed on the stock exchange without any problem, then its share price will gradually increase.

This company has also been honored with the National Energy Conservation Award. This award was received in 2015, along with this in 2016, he was honored with the West Wind Farm Operator Award in 2017.

After this, he again got the honor in 2020 in an accident in clean energy. In view of this, the first target of Orient Green Power share price target 2030 can be around ₹ 56. And the second share price target can reach around 70.

Orient Green Power Company share price target 2040 

The way this company has helped in increasing the GDP of the Indian economy by about 7% per year, according to this company can become a better way to bring economic growth in India within the electricity sector.

This company can gradually increase its renewable energy pro portfolio. Which will have an impact within India – Space of Economic Growth in India, Demand for Electricity,Ability to expand portfolio, company operational efficiency.

With this, the first target of Orient Green Power Company Share Price Target 2040 can reach around ₹120 and the second target can reach around ₹200.

Orient Green Power SWOT Analysis


  • Stock Portfolio of Solar Wind
  • strong financial position
  • Strong finance performance
  • Growing Demand of Renewable Energy
  • Government Support for Rin Energy


  • High debit level
  • Weather risk
  • Competition
  • Regulatory challenge


  • Increasing Demand of Renewable Energy
  • Rooftop solar market
  • Expansion in New Market
  • Development of technology


  • Government Policy Challenge
  • Natural disaster
  • Competition

Orient Green Power future

The way we have given you complete information about this company inside this article, you must have made sure that investing in it is right or wrong because its future is very bright.


What is the company’s vision?


What is the company’s mission? 

Environmental protection

What is the company’s core business? 

Renewable energy

What are the company’s main products? 

Wind and solar power

What are the company’s main markets? I

ndia and the United States

What is the company’s financial performance? 


What are the company’s future plans? 


What are the company’s risks? 

Regulation and competition

What are the company’s strengths? 

Experience and expertise

What are the company’s weaknesses? 

Limited geographic reach

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