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Gray Market Premium With High Pro|SJ Logistics Ipo Allotment Status

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About SJ Logistics India Limited

SJ Logistics India Limited is a logistics leading company. This company is located inside India.

This company was established in 2003. After establishment, this company started a large range of logistics and supply chain solutions.

After this, this company gradually started providing transportation handling service as well. After that this company It has grown so quickly that today it has become a respected company in India.

This company is mainly working in different sectors like textile, fabric, steel, tire, automobile and pharmaceutical. The head quarter of this company is located inside Thane, Mumbai.

This company has more than 100 branches located in India, some branches are in India and the remaining branches have been established in big places abroad like Singapore and Dubai.

This company is also a member of the African Logistics Network. This company has more than 200 trailers. And 5000 containers are working all over the world. Its Chairman and Director is being deleted by Mr. Rajan Shah.This company is known for its strong focus and customer service.

One of the main reasons for this company is that it provides a wide range of services and solutions and these solutions are provided by its experienced and knowledgeable team, due to which any When such requests come, they are easily cleared by the company.

This company has a huge global presence and network and this company has successfully concluded its IPO in December 23 itself, whose racing value is Rs 260 crores.

SJ Logistics India Limited Ipo Details

The IPO app of SJ Logistics India Limited has been available in the online website and its finalization has been done after 15th December and this company has given 38 lakh fresh equity shares worth about Rs 48 crore in the initial public offering.

The IPO subscription of this company was opened from 12 December to 14 December 2023.

SJ Logistics India Limited IPO allotment date and time:

As we are currently in January 2024 and the IPO of this company was launched before December 15,

due to that its shares were credited to the demat account on Monday December 18, 2023 and trading started by registering with the National Stock Exchange on December 19, 2023. Started |

If you have applied for your IPO, you will get the option of Allotment Status Online in the online broker platform and registered website.

From there you can get your allotment details by entering your PAN number, application number or Client ID.

As of January 2024, its allotment process has been completed and its stock is currently being actively traded in the exchange.

SJ Logistics India Limited ipo gmp

SJ Logistics Company’s IPO GMP Gray Market Premium is relevant even before the IPO list.

This indicates that is the potential post listing gain of the company And you know that SJ Logistics has started trading on National Stock Exchange and GMP does not play any role.

Where to check the SJ Logistics IPO allotment status:

You can check its IPO allotment status through many online and offline methods.

online method

Let us tell you that first of all you have to go to the online broker, from there you click on the finalized allotment status,

after that while adding to your account, you will find the IPO area or the investment portfolio area, you will get the allotment status of this company.

The second option is that you can see it by visiting the register website. The link of the register website is

You can check the IPO status by visiting the link given by us. From there you will get its allotment status. There you can enter your PAN number or application number from where you will get all the information.

SJ Logistics has been listed in the National Stock Exchange. You can check it by visiting the official website of the National Stock Exchange.

offline method

First of all you have to see your demat account, from there you can extract the account statement, there you will get a statement of plus two days after allotment, in which you can see the allotment status.

If you have paid for your IPO from your bank account, then you can see your allotment in the debit details by going to the bank statement.

How to check the SJ Logistics IPO allotment status?

You have to follow the following steps to check allotment status –

  • First of all you have to develop Maa Shitala Security Limited website.
  • After this you type SJ Logistics India Limited Company there.
  • If you are asked for details there, then enter PAN number or application or demat account number.
  • After this, as soon as you press Enter, a request will come in front of you and your allotment status will be displayed in front of you.

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