Alkem Lab Share Price Target 2023,2025, 2028,2030,2040

Alkem Lab Share Price Target can be goldmine for your investment.

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About Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

Alkem Laboratory Limited Company is a pharmaceutical company located inside Mumbai India. Let us tell you or is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. 

Which manufactures things like pharmaceutical generics, formulations and nutraceuticals and sells them inside India and also sells them outside India. This company was established in 1973. 

Let us tell you that this company was established by Mr. Harsh Shetty and Mr. Rashmi Kant Sethi. Let us tell you that Alkem is a company manufacturing a wide range of products. Let us tell you that this company makes goods like anti-infective,

cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, pain management, gastro, vitamins and minerals, dermatology and respiratory and delivers them all over India and the world. The company showcases its genes in the big brand segment with brands such as Pregakem, Playgard, and Tiger Balm.

 is Let us tell you that due to the LKM development and research team, you take the product to the United Street Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicine Agency and take it far and wide.

 Let us tell you that Alkem delivers its medicines to more than 40 countries. This company is mainly India, United States, United Kingdom and South Africa man. 

Here are some of the top brands of Alkem:

  • Club
  • Pan 40
  • Taxim-O
  • Pan-D
  • Taxim Injection
  • Gemcal
  • A to Z Tabs
  • where
  • Xone
  • Sumo
  • Zocef
  • Pipzo

Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Competitor

NameLast PriceMarket Cap.
(Rs. cr.)
Net ProfitTotal Assets
Sun Pharma1,134.90272,300.5320,812.141,690.7231,341.03
Dr Reddys Labs5,874.4597,961.8316,962.502,612.8020,474.80
Divis Labs3,654.9097,026.117,625.301,808.1512,705.42
Mankind Pharma1,848.1074,032.758,127.151,248.267,788.60
Torrent Pharma1,980.6067,032.507,695.001,052.0011,021.52
Zydus Life647.8565,575.658,731.601,529.2018,461.90
Aurobindo Pharm857.8050,261.8112,792.281,230.4122,056.74
Abbott India23,399.6049,722.525,348.73949.413,188.54

Alkem Lab Share Price Target 2024

The way Alkem Laboratories Company is earning profit by selling its products in large markets and it is seen taking its share price towards growth day by day. According to the recent report given by ICICI Securities, Alkem Labs share price can be around ₹3616. 

Alkem Lab Share Price Target 2025

Alkem Lab’s valuation is 25 times based on EPS. The share price of Alkem Company can be told by looking at its coming and past years. 

Let me tell you the way it makes good products and supplies them to the market and from there it makes good profits, looking at its first share price target, it can be around ₹ 3863.

Alkem Lab Share Price Target 2028

Alkem Labs is developing itself keeping in view your market and manufacturing new products. Let us tell you that the ratio of this company which means price to English is about 40.20.

 Along with this, this company displays well by making branded generic medicine. Let us tell you that in view of this, its first share price target can be around ₹ 3920.

Alkem Lab Share Price Target 2030

 Alkem Company can show you the share price to be on increase within the next 7 years. The way the growth is being seen in the pharmaceutical market inside India, it can go above 10% CAGR within the next 7 years.

 This will happen because in the coming time, people inside health care will be more aware and buy their medicine. In view of this, its first share price target can be around ₹ 4200.

Alkem Lab Share Price Target 2040

Alkem is expanding its agents to new markets such as the United States, Europe and major countries in Africa. According to the way the need of pharmaceuticals is increasing in foreign countries, it is taking advantage of it considering itself and unity.

 It can make further modifications inside your adjusting product and make them better. In view of this, if we see its first share price target, then it can be around Rs.10500.

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