Want to get pension every month, then invest on this LIC scheme.

Want to get pension every month, then invest on this LIC scheme.

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You must know that LIC is one of the largest insurance company in our country of India.

This company gives its scheme to people of all ages, every popular scheme from young children to elders is available by this company, this company is a very successful company.

 With this, the company receives investors very well, due to which its investors are increasing.


 Similarly, a scheme has been taken out by this company, whose name is New Jeevan Shanti Policy, through this scheme people get a chance to take advantage of their pension.

You can get monthly pension by investing in it, it provides a lot of benefits to the investors. In this, you get a lot of profit on a limited investment.

What is New Jeevan Shanti Policy:

New Jeevan Policy is one of the plan offered by LIC is Duty Plan which means if you invest in this plan then your pension amount becomes a fixed amount.

Due to which you get the facility of good pension every month. In this scheme, you get Pratima pension. This scheme policy is available in two options, the first option is Deferred Annuity for Single Life and the second is Deferred Annuity for Joint Life.

The first option Deferred Annuity for Single Life is for those people who buy pension scheme alone and the second option Deferred Annuity for Joint Life is for more than 1 people, in this scheme people get different pension.

 How much amount to invest

To buy this policy, your age should be from 30 to 79 years, any people of this age can buy this policy, if you want to buy this scheme,

So at least one and a half lakh rupees will have to be invested, if you do not understand this policy after investment or you do not like it, then you can surrender it anytime. 

If you buy this policy, then the facilities of taking loan are also available to you.

Deposit amount is received by the nominee

If a person buys a policy of infidelity day duty for single life and if he dies suddenly, the deposit amount goes to the nominee of that policy.

If the person taking the policy is alive, then he starts getting pension gradually after some time. If one person dies, then his other person gets this amount.

 More pension on investment of 10 lakhs

If you invest 1000000 rupees in New Life Policy, then you will get up to ₹ 11000 as pension every month, if you invest around 1.5 lakh rupees,

So you will get an amount of about 900 to 12 years, you can also do it monthly, in which according to you, you can take pension anytime in 2 months, 4 months, 8 months or 12 months.

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