HCNWF Stock Forecast 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040,2050

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HCNWF Corp. Overview 

Hyper Charge Network Corporation is one such company, which works on turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions. The company sets up a charger network that charges electric vehicles.

This company installs the charging station from place to place. This company was established in the year 2018. Its headquarter is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Right now this company is increasing its charging network further, in which electric charging stations have been installed all around inside North America.

In February 2023, it announced the hyper charger network and then funded the funds to be used in it. This company adds funds to grow its network. Funding it simply means scaling up the software platform inside your charging station.

HCNWF is currently operating within North America. In view of the increasing demand in future, this company has prepared to bring new software inside its station.

It has a value of $1.2 TRILLION in the world. In 2028, its valuation can reach around $8.3 TRILLION. Moving forward with this, now let’s talk about the business model of Hi Per Charge Network.


As we told you above that this company installs the charging station. Accordingly, the aim of this company is to set up different types of charging stations. Under which level two and level 3 chargers come.

Let us tell you that the track record of this company has been very good, in this it has handled its charging account well in its past days. The company has established its charging network within Canada and the United States and is gradually expanding across the globe.

See its business model –

Turnkey Solution – Hypercharge Network provides turnkey solution. It runs a software and management best charging network which makes EV charging easier. This management system makes the work easier to invest. If there is investment in it, then its infrastructure will continue to grow even better.

Managed Charging Network – Hypercharge Network is a managed charging network provider, within which the company has the responsibility to do its installation, maintenance and operation itself. Operation in this means that the company should take some decisions while focusing on its business and operator.

Software Platform – Highway Charge Network enables new users to manage their charging history and charging account within your software platform. Under this, if any old user also charges his EV in that charging station, then his old history will be known. Or helps the user to get the correct information about his EV.

So you must have come to know how the business model of this company runs. Let’s go ahead and know about the basic of the company.

Basics Of HCNWF 

  • ·         Company name: Hypercharge Networks Corp.
  • ·         Ticker symbol: HCNWF
  • ·         Industry: Electric vehicle charging
  • ·         Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • ·         Founded: 2018
  • ·         CEO: Ben Huffman
  • ·         Website: https://hypercharge.com/

HCNWF Performance & Fundamental Analysis 


If you look at the past performance of this company, it has been volatile. Let us tell you that in 2021 the stock of this company has seen a high of around $0.40 and a low of $0.3.

In this way, the revenue of the company has not been generated yet. But now the company has done a funding race of US $ 10 million. This shows that investors want to invest in it and they think to invest in it.

Fundamental Analysis 

  •         Price-to-book ratio: 0.15
  •       Market capitalization: $20.97 million
  •         Enterprise value: $9.3 million
  •        Revenue: $484,220
  •        Gross profit: $168,700
  •         EBITDA: -$9.47 million
  •         Net income: -$9.64 million

HCNWF Shareholders 

  • According to the current data, the total 5 share holders of this company are as follows-
  • David Bibby, the CEO and President of Hypercharge Networks owns about 11.1% of the shares.
  • Ben Huffman, the CTO and Co-founder of Hypercharge Networks, owns about 8.1% of the shares.
  • Alderwood Capital Management, a private investment firm, holds a 4.9% stake.
  • Canaccord Genuity, a Canadian investment bank, currently holds 6.45% of the bank’s shares.
  • Private investors own the remaining who have held the highest percentage of shares which is around 66.5%.

hcnwf corporation Net Worth

If seen as on 31 March 2023, this company has a networth of about $ 20.97 million. Let us tell you that the way the liabilities and assets of this company are, we have reduced them. For the past years this company is on its growth curve.

We can see you as on 31st March 2023 excluding assets & liabilities as follows-


·         Cash and cash equivalents: $1.12 million

·         Short-term investments: $0.20 million

·         Property and equipment: $12.15 million

·         Intangible assets: $7.50 million


·         Accounts payable: $0.71 million

·         Accrued liabilities: $0.61 million

·         Long-term debt: $6.93 million

Net worth

·         Net worth: $20.97 million

Hcnwf corporation Product 

This company makes these products in such a way, whose names are –

  • Level 2 charger
  • Level 3 charger
  • Mobile Charger
  • Software platform
  • Power station. Etc

Hcnwf corporation SWOT Analysis

Now we will do a short analysis of this company and tell you about its Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Traits –


  • This company has a good management team
  • This company has made good growth due to its old track record.
  • The station of the company is increasing.
  • The company is sending its market in disguise.
  • The company is making new software with its new innovation.


  • This company is still working like its initial days.
  • This company has not made much revenue yet.
  • Infrastructure development is costing more money.
  • Competitors are more.


  • The demand for electric vehicle charging stations is high.
  • Quick growth can be found inside the market.
  • New products can be made and sold quickly.


  • It has slowed down inside the TV market.
  • Charging is becoming obsolete due to new technology.
  • Government regulations are coming.
  • There is competition with other company.

Hcnwf Corporation Stock Forecast 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040,2050

Hcnwf corporation stock forecast 2023

As we tell you, this company is getting better day by day. This company was established in 2018 and now year 2023 has come. And still this company is running smoothly.

With this, if you see its highest stock forecast, then it is almost.It can be $ 0.65 and with this, if you look at its lowest stock forecast, it can reach almost $ 1.

Hcnwf corporation stock forecast 2025

Let us tell you that people have started believing in new technology. With this, his faith has also come inside the electric vehicle. If any person wants to buy an electric vehicle, then he has to charge it and the solution for this is given by the company.

This company installs its charging station so that the EV can be charged easily. Looking at the Stock Forecast 2025, the Highest Stock Forecast can be around $2 with the Lowest Stock Forecast can be around $1.

Hcnwf corporation stock forecast 2028

HyperCharge Network is doing its job properly. It has installed its station inside Canada and United States. It has taken the aim of setting up its station in the world. Which it is believed that it can fulfill.

With this, if you see the highest stock forecast of Stock Forecast 2028, then it can be around $ 2.10 and the lowest stock forecast can be $ 1.25.

Hcnwf corporation stock forecast 2030

As we have seen its financial performance above, it shows that this company can grow without falling. This company will have to start making some other products for its revenue growth.

For example, this company can also make car tyres. If we talk about the next few years, then only electric vehicles will be seen everywhere. With this, if you look at the stock forecast 2030, then the highest forecast can be around $ 3, with this the lowest stock forecast can touch around $ 2.25.

Hcnwf corporation stock forecast 2040

By 2040, the condition of this company may be better. Continue to grow its revenue and earnings at a rapid pace. Due to this, the future of this company will be further deepened by the growth of this company.

If you look at the highest stock forecast of this company, it is expected to be around $5. With this, the lowest stock forecast can be around $3.

Hcnwf corporation stock forecast 2050

For example, after 2040, the stock forecast for 2050 will be done after a gap of about 10 years. In this many changes can be seen inside the company. Because this will be a long time within which the company can get better.

Including the next 27 years in it, the company can grow well. Its highest stock forecast could be around $8. Its lowest stock forecast is expected to be around $5.


What is the current price of HCNWF stock?

As of 2023-07-20 11:23:22 PST, the current price of HCNWF stock is $0.42.

What is the 52-week range of HCNWF stock?

The 52-week range of HCNWF stock is $0.28 – $4.50.

What is the market capitalization of HCNWF stock?

The market capitalization of HCNWF stock is $26.62 million.

What are the analyst ratings for HCNWF stock?

There are currently no analyst ratings for HCNWF stock.

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