ARKK Stock Forecast 2023 2025 2028 2030 2040

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ARKK Company Overview

In today’s article, we will tell you the stock forecast about ARKK. If you are searching about this company on the internet and you are worried about where its complete information will be available then you have come to the right website. Today we will tell you ARKK stock forecast, so read our complete article.

ARKK is a fund giving company. This company was launched in 2014. This company was founded by Kathy Board. He created this company and he is its CEO. A R K K Company invests in companies working on new technology.

RKK Company selects companies that can make a difference in the world through their startups. ARKK company invests its friends on projects such as DNA technology, genome revolution, automation and robotics, energy storage, artificial intelligence, next generation internet, and other new technologies that are currently emerging.

As you would know this, the growth of ARRK’s company was below 60%. All this happened in the year 2022 because its investors wanted to invest on top of the growing store.

But still ARK’s company is in the public eye. This company is still investing, its total capital investment is about $ 7 billion and it still comes in the largest ETFS.

ARKK Company Business Model

As you must have understood by reading the above information that this company is a fund giving company. The aim of this company is to increase their business by giving money to other companies.

ARKK Company is currently active in Exchange Traded Fund. This company is active on something that increases the capital by investing. Its business model is as follows

Destructive Innovation ARK invests in new technology that could change the world , this company invests in Genome Revolution, Automation, Robotics, Energy Storage, Next Generation Internet and Next Generation Internet.

Active management: This company is managed by very big team members and investors. Who is a professional member. He took this company from bottom to top. These members help arkk to invest in innovative companies.

High conviction – Invests on top of small number stocks of AR K. It asks its team members to invest in companies that have the potential to be major winners.

Arkk’s business model has been 180 full business model, they have given very good performance in the last years. This is the reason, that this company is on such a high peak today. Now moving forward, let us tell you about the basics of the company.

ARK Innovation ETF Basics of company

  • Name: ARK Innovation ETF
  • Ticker: ARKK
  • Fund manager: Cathie Wood
  • Investment objective: Seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in disruptive innovation
  • Investment themes: DNA technologies and the “Genomic Revolution”; Automation, robotics, and energy storage; Artificial intelligence and the “Next Generation Internet”; Fintech innovation
  • Expense ratio: 0.75%
  • Assets under management: $7.2 billion (as of March 31, 2023)
  • Market capitalization: $7.2 billion (as of March 31, 2023)

ARK Innovation ETF Performance of company

The performance of ARK Innovation Company has been volatile. This company has given more performance than its own in last 5 years. But this company came down in 2022 due to some reason.

ARKK’s performance over the past five years

YearTotal Return (%)
2022-66.97% (as of July 15, 2023)

We will tell you some factors due to which this company went down in 2022 :-

  • Reading interest rate
  • More borrowing
  • Rising inflation
  • Because of the war in ukraine

ARK Innovation ETF Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Inside fundamental analysis, we talk about the financial statement of the company. In this, we take some factors of the company and tell about them, which are as follows –

Company overview – The company was established in 2014. The objective of this company is to invest in a company built on new innovation technology.

Financial performance: ARKK has outperformed the market in the past five years. But due to some reasons this company had to face downfall in 2022.

Management team: ARKK is managed by a team of experienced investment professionals.

Technical Analysis

Inside technical analysis, we tell about the future changes of the company. Without technical analysis, you cannot trust the company. Inside technical analysis, we mostly talk about its train –

  • Price trend: 2022 Due to some reasons this company came into decline.
  • Support and resistance levels: The support level is around $40. The resistance level is around $60.
  • Moving averages: The 50-day moving average is around $50. The 200-day moving average is around $70.
  • Indicators: The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for ARKK is below 30, that is stock is oversold.

ARKK Shareholders

RankShareholderPercentage of Shares
1Morgan Stanley11.6%
2State Street Global Advisors8.5%
3Vanguard Group6.9%
4Millennium Management5.6%
6Susquehanna International Group4.5%
7Citadel LLC4.1%
8Shanda Payment Holdings Ltd.3.7%
9Wells Fargo & Company/mn3.6%

ARKK Stock Forecast 2023,2024,2025,2028,2030,2040

ARKK Stock Forecast 2023

As new companies need funds in the beginning, arkk’s company fulfills that need. And for this reason, if its stock forecast is seen, the first stock forecast can be around $74.

Talking about its second stock forecast, it can be around $35. With this, if the third stock forecast is seen then it can be around $50.

ARKK Stock Forecast 2024 

Its highest stock forecast can be around $105. Looking at its lowest stock forecast, it is expected to be around $35, with an average stock forecast of around $60.

ARKK Stock Forecast 2025 

The stock forecast for ARKK in 2025 & the highest forecast is $150.00. The lowest forecast is $45.00. The average forecast is $85.00.

ARKK Stock Forecast 2028

As in the future, this company will improve itself and invest its funds in a better way, with that its stock price will go on increasing.

Therefore its highest stock forecast can be around $50. Its lowest stock forecast could be around $28, while its average stock forecast is expected to be around $30.

ARKK Stock Forecast 2030

You have to think that we are giving a stock forecast. It can go up as well as down, we cannot tell it alike. It depends on positive economic growth. It may decline when the market is bearish.

Its stock forecast goes up when it is bullish. With this, if you see his first stock highest price target, it can be around $95, if you see the lowest stock forecast, it is expected to be around $50 and if you see its average star4cast, it can be around $63.

ARKK Stock Forecast 2040

The highest stock forecast target can be around $289. Its lowest stock forecast could be around $125. Its average stock forecast is expected to be around $175. The forecast for the ARK Innovation ETF stock in 2040 is bullish.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the largest holding of ARKK?

ARKK’s top 3 holdings are TSLA, COIN, ROKU.

Can ARKK ever recover?

Although ARKK and other innovation stocks are likely to recover eventually.

How many companies in ARKK are profitable?

Based on GAAP-based EBITDA, many ARK holdings appear unprofitable


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