Asian Paint Bonus History|1985,1995,2003

Asian Paint Bonus History|1985,1995,2003

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Today we will tell you about the bonus history of Asian Paint Limited Company in this article. By giving you complete information about this company, we will tell you its past history by telling some of its history.

As this company has established itself as the largest paint company in India. After this, this company made its name in India by improving its financial performance inside India. Let us tell you that this company is being run since 1942, in the same year it was established. That’s why the history of this company is very long.

Asian Paint Limited rewarded its shareholder score after issue of bonus shares. This company gave its bonus shares as free shares to its shareholders.

In the same way, this company made its shares outstanding by sharing the profits with the shareholders. Asian Paints has released its bonus shares in the form of multiple locations over the years. Its bonus history is something like this.

Bonus History 1950s-1960s

The company focused entirely on expanding its product portfolio within the India market in the middle of this wicket. The result was that bonus issuances were not a significant feature during this period.

Bonus History 1970s

1970 emerged as a turning point for the Asian Paints Limited company. This company expanded its market inside India by adopting new growth strategy. Let us tell you that in the middle of this period, this company increased its manufacturing capacity to the maximum within India.

After this, in 1976, Asian Paints released its first bonus Jesus which was of 2:5 ratio. This means that its shareholder received 2 additional shares and every 5 shares held.

Bonus History 1980s – 1985s

In the 1980s, Asian Paints retained their strength within the paint industry. The result of this came out that this company invested so much in technology and innovation that it took its stock to a great boom.

In 1985, it declared its second bonus which was 3:5 ratio. Due to this, there was an effect in this company that people started investing more in it considering its financial performance and its future prospects.

Bonus History 1990s – 1995s

In 1990, this company brought economic liberalization inside India. Which has brought more challenge in the industry of this company by increasing the competition inside India.

Apart from this, this company has maintained its growth transaction very well. This company made another bonus issue in 1993 which was 1:1.

Bonus History 2000s

The company refined its position as a global player in the 2000s. The effect of this was that this company got a place in the international market apart from India.

Its effect was seen that you started knowing it very well in the international market as well. In 2004, this company issued another bonus which was 3:5 ratio.

Bonus History 2003s

This year is the last year for this company when it issued its last bonus issue. With the help of your share holders and many other important people, you have taken your company forward. This is the last time you issued bonus in 1:2 ratio.

Asian Paints Competitors

CompetitorsMarket Share (%)
Berger Paints20
Kansai Nerolac Paints12
Akzo Nobel India10
Indigo Paints8
Nippon Paint India5
Shalimar Paints4

Asian Paints Shareholders

  • LIC of India: 1.41%
  • HDFC Bank: 1.12%
  • SBI Life Insurance: 1.08%
  • ICICI Prudential Life Insurance: 1.03%
  • Sundaram Mutual Fund: 0.99%
  • Promoter Shareholding: 58.41%
  • FII/FPI Shareholding: 21.64%
  • DII Shareholding: 17.86%
  • Retail Individual Shareholding: 2.09%

Asian Paints Dividend History

YearFace ValueDividend per shareDividend yield
2022-23Re 1Rs.21.252,125%
2021-22Re 1Rs.15.751,575%
2020-21Re 1Rs.12.751,275%
2019-20Re 1Rs.9.50950%
2018-19Re 1Rs.7.00700%


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