Sintex Industries Share Price Target 2023,2024,2025,2030,2040|Complete Analysis

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Sintex Industries overview

Sintex Industries is an Indian multinational company. Its headquarters is located in Kalol, Gujarat (India). It was established in 1931. This company works in the plastic and textile industry.

Sintex Industries operates in two major business segments Plastics and Textiles:-

Plastics:- This segment involves manufacturing and selling of a wide range of plastic products like water tanks, doors, windows and custom molded plastic products.

The company has manufacturing facilities located in India as well as in Europe, North America and Africa.

Textile:- In the textile segment, the company produces and sells clothes, yarn and household items.

The company has a strong presence in the Indian domestic market. Along with this, the company also exports its products to many countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Sintex Industries has been recognized for its innovative and sustainable business practices. The company also places paramount importance on its contribution to the environment.

Due to which the company has been given the prestigious ‘Green Business of the Year’ award by the World Green Organization.

Sintex Industries Limited has become one of the leading players in the plastics and textile industry in India as well as globally

The company pays special attention to innovation and research and development to create new products and further improve its products.

The company has established its R&D centers in India as well as in Europe and North America. Syntex has a good customer base.

And it also works in industries like construction infrastructure and automobile.

The company has also partnered with many leading companies in these industries to provide its customers with products as per their needs.

Along with its plastics and textiles business, Intex has a renewable energy business that focuses on solar power generation.

The company has installed solar power plants with a total capacity of more than 60 MW across India.

Shows Intex’s strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibilities.

The company has made its own separate rules specifically to reduce the impact on the environment.

The company has also focused on women empowerment along with education and health through its corporate social responsibility programs.

The company has faced financial challenges in recent years, including debt restructuring and asset sales, although the company remains secure for its future.

Because the company is always ready to invest in research and development and expansion into new markets.

Syntex company exports to different countries all over the world due to which the company has a good presence in the international market. The company exports its products to more than 50 countries.

The company’s manufacturing facilities are also located in Europe, North America and Africa.

Sintex Industries has been recognized by Fortune India magazine as one of the Top 500 Companies of India.

Sintex Industries is a listed company on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange in India. Sintex has a strong management team consisting of experienced employees.

Amit Patel is the Chairman and Managing Director of this company. He has been associated with the company for more than 2 decades.

Overall, the company is taking new steps towards its development in every way and is trying to develop itself further.

Sintex Industries Limited Business Model:-

Business Model of Sintex Sintex works in plastic and textile industries. The business model of the company is as follows.

Manufacture and Sale of Plastic Products:- The company manufactures water tanks, doors, windows and custom molded plastic products among its plastic products.

The company is a leading manufacturer in this field and has a strong distribution network in India.

Due to which Intex sells its products in many countries around the world, Intex strives to provide its customers with solutions to suit their different needs.

Manufacture and Sale of Textile Products:- Syntex is also engaged in manufacturing and sale of textile, yarn and home textiles in which the company has a strong presence in the domestic market.

Along with this, the company exports its products to many countries around the world. Sintex takes full care of the product quality design and customer needs to meet the various needs of its customers.

Renewable Energy:- Sintex also deals in the field of renewable energy which focuses on solar power generation. The company has installed solar power plants with a total capacity of more than 60 MW across India.

It is a supplier of electricity to all types of customers including industrial and commercial. It benefits the company’s revenue in a big way.

Business Contract Manufacturing:- Sintex Automobile provides contract manufacturing facilities to many companies in the infrastructure and agricultural industries.

The company earns equal profit from the needs of its customers by providing them services as per their needs.

Research and Development:- Sintex has established R&D centers in India, Europe and North America to keep innovation and product development in progress.

The company has not shied away from investing in research and development to create new and better products as well as further improve its manufacturing processes.

Strategic Acquisition:- Sintex Industries Limited has adopted strategic acquisition to expand its product and its operations.

Just as the acquisition of Wow Chowki Composites in 2010 helped the company establish its foothold in the US market and expand its products, the acquisition of Bright Autoplast in 2017 helped the company expand its automotive components segment. Took help for its expansion.

Strong Distribution Network:- The company not only has a strong distribution network in India but the company has also expanded its presence in more than 50 countries around the world.

Or it gives a large amount of benefit to the company’s revenue. The company exports its products in different ways.

Overall, looking at the business model of the company, this company provides all its services to the customers in a quality manner, from plastics and textiles to renewable energy, contract manufacturing.

Understand the basics of company:-

Company Name -Sintex Industries Limited

Year of Establishment- 1931

Headquarters- Kalol, Gujarat (India)

Syntex is an Indian company that operates in the plastics and textile industries. The company was earlier known as The Bharat Vijay Mills Limited.

Later its name was changed to Syntex Industries Limited. Let us know the basics of the company:-

Products and Services:- Sintex Industries is a leading manufacturer of a wide product range including plastic water tanks, doors, windows, custom molded plastic products, clothing and home textiles.

The company provides contract manufacturing services. It is used in renewable energy business.

Manufacturing Facilities:- If we look at the manufacturing facilities of Sintex Industries, its manufacturing facilities are located in India, Europe and North America including Africa.

The company’s manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art technologies and adhere to high quality standards

Market Presence:- Sintex Industries has a good market presence in India as well as in other countries. Sintex company exports its products to more than 50 countries across the world.

The company also establishes partnerships with different leading companies to expand its network and reach

Management Team:- The company has a professional and experienced management team. The Managing Director of the company is Amit Patel. He has been associated with the company for more than 2 decades.

Corporate Governance:- Sintex Industries focuses on corporate governance. The company has adopted several measures for transparency and accountability.

The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange in India.

Awards and Recognitions:- The Company has been given many awards and recognitions for smoothly running its business.

The company has been recognized as one of the Top 500 Companies of India by Fortune India magazine.

Company highlights include launching its first plastic product, Syntex Water Tank, in 1975 and also acquiring Brightness in 2004,

which helped the company expand its custom molded products business. The company acquired Wausaukie Composites in 2010, which allowed Texaco to enter the US market.

Manufacturing Process:- The manufacturing process of Sintex Industries is based on sound and rich technology to ensure these high quality products.

The company uses injection molding, blow molding, and thermoforming processes to make its plastic products.

In the textile segment, the company has a vertically integrated manufacturing process that includes spinning, weaving, processing and finishing.

From all these things you can understand that Syntex has a strong market presence through which the company is moving towards its growth.

Performance Of Sintex Industries

Talking about the performance of Sintex Industries company, while on one hand the company has moved towards growth and profitability over the years, at the same time the company has also had to face decline and losses.

The company faced considerable challenges in recent years due to its high debt level and liquidity issues. In the financial year 2018-19, the company recorded a consolidated revenue of Rs 6,666 crore with a loss of Rs 1,319 crore. The company’s debt level stood at Rs 7,422 crore. Was around.

Due to liquidity challenges for the company, Sintex Industries was split into two parts in 2019, Sintex Plastic Technology Limited and Sintex BAPL Limited.

After this, sptl improved its financial performance in the financial year 2020-21 with revenue of Rs 2412 crore and net profit of Rs 17.7 crore.

However, SBI’s financial performance was slightly weak towards loss with a revenue of Rs 899 crore and a net loss of Rs 124 crore during the same period.

Overall, Syntex’s financial performance was impacted by the company’s debt level challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its business.

The company is constantly striving to improve its financial performance. The company is working towards increasing its footprint in profitable areas by reducing its scale and investing on different assets.

The performance of the company in different areas was as follows:-

Reduction in Debt:- Sintex Industries has been continuously working to improve its financial position, which has brought considerable benefits to the company.

The company had announced in 2021 that it had reduced its operations by Rs 333 crore through the sale of its land in the Mumbai suburbs.

The company is also continuously exploring the sale of its other non-core assets to further reduce its debt levels.

Focus on Sustainable Development:- Syntex Industries Limited is fully focused on its sustainable development. The company has implemented all kinds of initiatives to improve its environmental and social performance.

The company has invested in renewable energy with a 50 MW wind power plant in Maharashtra and has also taken various steps to reduce its carbon footprint and water usage.

Sintex Industries also organizes different programs to help different communities. The company has also been taking different initiatives on education health, care

Impact of Corona epidemic:- Like many different companies, Syntax has also been affected to a great extent due to the Corona epidemic.

Demand for the company’s products declined and the company needed to implement cost-cutting measures in its production process,

Along with exploring different business opportunities in the healthcare sector, several steps have also been taken to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

Plans for the future:- Syntex has outlined several plans to improve its financial performance and growth pace.

The company has focused on profitable areas such as custom molded products and water storage solutions.

The company is continuously engaged in increasing its expansion in international markets. The company has set itself the target of making itself a debt-free company by 2023.

And the company is continuously striving to achieve this goal and the company seems to be successful in achieving its goal.

Sintex Industries fundamental analysis:-

Fundamental analysis of a company involves analyzing various aspects of a company’s financial and business performance to determine its intrinsic value and future growth prospects.

The fundamental analysis of Sintex Industries Limited can be understood as follows

Financial Statements:- In fundamental analysis, first of all the financial statements of the company are looked at which include the company’s balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

If we look at the financial statements of the company in the last few years, the company has seen a lot of ups and downs.

While the company had profit earlier, it also faced weakness during Covid-19, although the company is trying its best to make itself debt free by this year.

Revenue:- Talking about the company’s revenue, Syntex’s revenue has been inconsistent over the years due to its entry into cyclical industries like textiles and plastics.

However, the company is focusing on growing its custom molded products and water storage solutions portfolio which is expected to drive revenue growth in the future.

Profit:- Profit of any company reflects its financial position. Syntex has faced some loss in recent years due to high debt level.

However, the company has taken various measures to reduce its level, including disinvestment of non-core assets.

Debt Level:- If we look at the debt level of the company, Syntex has had a high debt level in the last few years, although the company has made every effort to reduce it.

And this year he is working hard to make himself debt free by 2023.

Industry Analysis:- Sintex Industries operates in the textile plastics and custom molded products industries.

This is a highly competitive and cyclical industry but still the company is making every effort to take itself forward.

Management:- The company has an experienced and strong management team through which the company is growing.

The management company has a track record of driving growth and improving financial performance. The company’s management team is also committed to environmental and social performance.

In the end we can say that Syntex is an emerging company which is continuously moving towards its development despite facing many difficulties, this shows the strong thinking of the company.

Services given by Sintex Industries company:-

Sintex Company offers a diverse portfolio of services that offers a wide range of services across products across various industries. Some of the key services provided by Sintex include:-

Textiles:- Sintex is a leading manufacturer of textiles including home textiles, apparel fabric, and technical textile.

The company’s textile products made from natural and synthetic fibers are used in a variety of applications including bedding, curtains, work wear, etc.

Plastic:- ​​Sintex is also among the leading manufacturers in plastic industries offering a range of other products including water storage tanks doors and windows along with custom molding solutions.

The company is famous for its unique and sustainable products. Its water storage tanks are made from recyclable material which is very good in terms of environmental protection.

Infrastructure:- Syntex provides infrastructure solutions including prefabricated building roofing and cladding solutions and energy efficient construction.

The company’s products are used in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, commerce, construction and industrial projects.

Automotive:- Syntex is also known for the automotive industry, which includes body panels, fuel tanks and plastic components.

The company has established partnerships with leading automotive manufacturers. It is renowned for its high quality products and experiential solutions.

Electrical:- Sintex also operates in the electrical industry. It produces a number of products including electrical enclosures, switch boards and cable management.

The company is involved in industrial automation, power distribution and renewable energy.

Along with this, Intex also works in other industries including real estate, hospitality and healthcare. The company is known for its innovative products and sustainable solutions. The company has a strong presence in these markets.

Sintex Industries share price history:-

Sintex Industries is a publicly traded company. It is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The share price of the company has seen a lot of ups and downs in its history. The share price of the company has been affected from time to time due to various factors.

Syntex’s share price has seen a steady rise since the early 2000s, with the stock price rising from around ₹5 per share in 2001 to more than ₹40 per share by 2005.

During this time the company was expanding its operations and diversifying into industries such as textiles and plastics. The company’s stock fluctuated further over the next few years.

The stock faced rapid fluctuations due to changing economic conditions and industry trends. Due to the global financial crisis in 2008, Syntex’s share price dropped from approximately ₹60 per share to ₹15 per share. The company’s operations were also affected.

However, the company’s share price improved over the next few years and reached a high of ₹250 per share in 2010.

Because at this time there was an improvement in the economy due to which the demand for the products increased, at the same time the company also started expanding its operations into new markets like Europe and North America,

In 2011, the stock price fell by more than 50 percent due to poor financial performance of the company and increasing debt levels.

The share price of Sintex Industries again became volatile and over the next few years the price of Sintex stabilized slightly and came to around ₹70 per share.

However, in 2015, the company’s share price once again fell sharply. Within a few months, the company’s share price came down from ₹80 per share to ₹20 per share.

The main reasons for this included high debt levels, declining sales and weak performance in the textile industry.

Since this time, there has been a continuous decline in the price of Syntex share. Currently the share price is trading around ₹ 2 per share.

This significant decline in the company’s share price is being attributed to a variety of factors including poor financial performance and the challenging environment in the industries in which the company operates.

Overall, Intex’s share price has been fluctuating over the years which is influenced by various factors like economic conditions, industry trends and company performance.

While the company experienced steady growth in the early 2000s, it has since faced a variety of challenges, including the global financial crisis,

The changing dynamics of the industry reflect the challenging operating environment currently facing the share price, including concerns over financial performance and high debt levels and it is now important to see how the company fares going forward.

Vision & Value Of Company :-

Sintex Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of textile, plastic and water storage products in India.

The company has taken its manufacturing to many countries of the world, and the company wants to take it to the whole world. Syntex Industries Limited aims to achieve these goals by focusing on its values. The company’s value goals are as follows: –

Customer Focus – Sintex Industries Limited is committed to providing products and services to its customers by understanding their needs.

The company tries its best to meet all the expectations of the customers. The company tries to build good and lasting relationships with its customers based on trust and respect.

Innovation – Syntex Industries Limited strives to continuously innovate and improve all its processes and products.

The company makes every effort to meet the emerging needs of its customers and also invests in research and development for this.

Integrity – Syntex Industries Limited runs its business with honesty and ethics. The company follows all the laws and regulatory requirement. This is the specialty of the company.

Teamwork – Sintex Industries Limited has an experienced and efficient teamwork which does its work with complete sincerity, that is why the company is moving forward today even after so many ups and downs.

Respect for the environment – ​​Sintex Industries Limited implements all initiatives to protect the environment and reduce its impact in all its operations, thus the company also takes full care of the environment.

Safety and Health- Syntax Industries Limited takes full care of the health and safety of its employees. Thus, the company also follows all the safety rules and guidelines.

Along with these values, Syntex Industries Limited is also very conscious of social responsibility. The company cooperates in all ways to take the society forward.

The vision and values ​​of Syntex Industries Limited are embedded in its business operations and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company also has a strong focus on innovation and positioning.

Syntex Industries Limited offers a wide range of products including textile, plastic and water storage tank solutions designed to meet the growing needs of its customers.

Sintex Industries Limited’s vision and values ​​reflect its commitment to innovation, sustainability and social responsibility.

The company’s focus on these values ​​has made the company India’s leader in the textile, plastics and water storage industries.

Syntex Industries Limited’s understanding of customer satisfaction, innovation, teamwork, attention towards environment, safety and health, social responsibility all these things have helped in making the company a reputed brand in the market.

Sintex Products

Sintex Industries Limited offers a wide range of products in textiles, plastics and water storage solutions. The products manufactured by the company are as follows.

Clothes- Sintax Industries Limited manufactures many types of textiles including cotton yarn, Denim fabric and Suiting Fabric.

The company’s textile products are used in apparel, curtains and bedsheets and as industrial fabrics.

Plastic – Sintex Industries is a leading manufacturer of plastic products in India. The company manufactures many plastic products including water tanks, doors and industrial products.

The plastic products of Sintex Industries Limited are used in different ways, hence they are designed in different ways as per the needs of the customers.

Water Tank – Syntex Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of water storage products in India. The company offers a wide range of water storage tanks including overhead water tanks, under ground water tanks.

The water storage products of Sintex Industries Limited are highly appreciated among the customers.

Doors – Sintex Industries Limited manufactures different types of doors including PVC doors, flash doors and decorative doors.

The company’s doors are designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers.

Electrical Products – Syntex Industries Limited offers a wide range of electrical products including junction boxes, distribution boards and cable trays.

The company’s electrical products are designed to meet the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers. Thus, the company’s product portfolio is quite large and wide.

Sintex Share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030,2040

We here at financesharetargets. in is going to give you approximate information about stock predictions, price predictions and targets for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 and 2040. Please keep one thing in mind that this is not a forecast, prediction or Any target is merely a suggestion given by our analysis.

It is almost impossible for any forecast/prediction to be correct. Errors are always present in any analysis, but we try our best to give you good price stock forecasts/predictions.


Sintex company Bharat is one of the leading companies in the plastic and textile industry established in India. The company is committed to making its products better and as per the needs of the customers.

Which is taking the company towards rapid growth due to which the share price of the company can increase in future due to which the first target for Syntex share price target 2023 can be achieved at ₹ 15 and the second target can be achieved at ₹ 25.


Syntex works in textile plastic and custom molded products industries. This company is a highly competitive company, yet the company is moving forward through different challenges, this shows the strength of the company.

Despite having high debt level at one time, the company is growing today and if the company continues to progress in this manner then Syntex Share Price Target for 2024 is the first target of ₹30 and the second target can be achieved at ₹40.


Syntex company is working in textile and plastic business segment and the company has a strong hold in these markets which is taking the company forward.

The company makes every effort to meet the needs of the customers through new manufacturing facilities, thus the company is almost successful in reassuring the customers.

In this way, the company is striving for its growth, considering that according to our analysis, the first target for Syntex share price target 2025 can be achieved at ₹ 45 and the second target can be achieved at ₹ 55.


The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in North America, Europe and Africa along with India. The company is pursuing its expansion in various countries along with India.

In this way, the company is continuously moving forward for its development, due to which the company can be expected to earn good profits in the coming time, due to which the company can also be expected to get better returns along with the increase in share price.

In view of this, according to our analysis, the first target for Syntax share price target 2026 can be achieved at ₹ 60 and the second target can be achieved at ₹ 70.


Syntex company has presence in India as well as in the international market. The company exports its products to more than 50 countries, thus the company has a good presence in India.

Apart from this, it is also making efforts for its development in foreign countries, due to which the company can get good profits in future due to which the share price of the company can increase and better returns can be expected.

Considering this, according to our analysis, the first target for Syntax share price target 2027 can be ₹ 75 and the second target can be ₹ 50.


The company has also acquired different companies for its growth, which has brought a lot of profit to the company, thus the company works for its expansion through strategic acquisitions.

Due to which the company is also developing, similar development can be expected in the near future, expecting that as per our prediction, the first target for Syntex Share Price Target 2028 can be achieved at ₹ 90 and the second target can be achieved at ₹ 100.


Syntax Industries Limited is not lagging behind in the field of renewable energy. The business of the company focused on solar energy production is going very well in the field of renewable energy.

The company has installed solar power plants all over India with a total capacity of more than 60 MW, thus generating massive profits through renewable energy.

And this profit may increase in the coming time, due to which better returns can be expected as the share price of the company increases, in view of this, according to our specifications, the first target for Syntex Share Price Target 2029 should be at ₹ 105 and the second target should be at ₹ 115. can


Sintex Industries Limited has also established R&D centers in India, Europe and North America to pursue innovation and product development.

Which the company uses to meet the needs of the customers, the company never shies away from investing on research and development, that is why the company is moving forward.

And in the coming time, the company can advance its capacity by increasing its investment further, which can play an important role in earning profit for the company.

Expecting similar growth, according to our analysis, the first target for Syntex share price target 2030 may be ₹ 120 and the second target may be ₹ 130.


The company has a strong distribution network through which the company exports its products to more than 50 countries within India as well as across the world.

The company receives a large part of its revenue through this. The company can earn more profits in the future by expanding its distribution network.

With the growth of the company, the share price of the company will increase and better returns can also be obtained due to which the first target for Syntax share price target 2040 can be at ₹ 230 and the second target can be at ₹ 250.

5 Year Analysis Of Sintex Company

Yearly – Sintex Industries Ltd.
Rs (in Crores)
Net Sales Turnover3126.501689.151634.922820.772035.76
Other Income77.3655.0127.5191.55119.81
Total Income3203.861744.161662.432912.322155.57
Stock Adjustments-71.315.2179.55-24.24-55.50
Raw Material Consumed2191.001110.241103.421806.251327.48
Power and Fuel.
Employee Expenses163.94134.40157.50178.59146.80
Administration and Selling Expenses.
Research and Development Expenses.
Expenses Capitalised.
Other Expenses413.18292.97630.20474.07316.12
Provisions Made.
TOTAL EXPENSES2696.811542.821970.672434.671734.90
Operating Profit429.69146.33-335.75386.10300.86
Profit and Loss for the Year-567.30-875.18-1249.9819.20135.98
Extraordinary Items.00-426.
Prior Year Adjustment.
Other Adjustment.
Reported PAT-567.30-1301.82-1249.9819.20135.98
Reserves Written Back.
Equity Capital59.9259.9259.4159.4159.41
Reserves and Surplus1244.701814.483070.114322.284322.63
Equity Dividend Rate.
Agg. Non-Promoter Share(Lakhs).
Agg. Non-Promoter Holding(%).
Government Share.
Capital Adequacy Ratio.
Source – EconomicTimes

Balance Sheet Analysis Of Sintex

 12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths 
Equity Share Capital59.9259.9259.4159.4159.41 
TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL59.9259.9259.4159.4159.41 
Reserves and Surplus1,244.701,814.483,070.114,322.284,322.63 
TOTAL RESERVES AND SURPLUS1,244.701,814.483,070.114,322.284,322.63 
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS1,304.621,874.403,129.524,381.694,382.04 
Long Term Borrowings0.000.000.004,537.444,233.63 
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net] 
Other Long Term Liabilities0. 
Long Term Provisions3.254.375.4410.1112.96 
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES3.254.375.444,634.494,324.52 
Short Term Borrowings6,670.471,603.451,487.71777.14822.18 
Trade Payables177.96110.84172.66368.32280.47 
Other Current Liabilities2,011.806,261.695,757.331,273.21592.02 
Short Term Provisions2. 
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES8,862.447,981.277,422.972,422.441,698.44 
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES10,170.319,860.0410,557.9311,453.1610,419.54 
Tangible Assets7,042.477,303.518,011.068,302.325,875.86 
Intangible Assets0.831.602.413.264.19 
Capital Work-In-Progress1,066.001,066.251,065.121,009.532,349.64 
Other Assets0. 
FIXED ASSETS8,109.308,371.369,078.599,315.118,229.69 
Non-Current Investments38.3840.1640.087.7821.29 
Deferred Tax Assets [Net] 
Long Term Loans And Advances0.003.813.544.558.84 
Other Non-Current Assets396.67385.52430.91406.69279.64 
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS8,544.358,800.859,553.129,734.138,539.46 
Current Investments0. 
Trade Receivables336.24128.24163.63484.36550.24 
Cash And Cash Equivalents26.6120.0511.3873.72203.55 
Short Term Loans And Advances73.5067.5362.08108.7160.35 
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS1,625.961,059.191,004.811,719.031,880.08 
TOTAL ASSETS10,170.319,860.0410,557.9311,453.1610,419.54 
Contingent Liabilities292.11604.85629.90714.75723.52 
Raw Materials0. 
Stores, Spares And Loose Tools0. 
Trade/Other Goods0. 
Capital Goods0. 
Expenditure In Foreign Currency19.431.53138.25376.28598.62 
Dividend Remittance In Foreign Currency 
FOB Value Of Goods20.113.780.6062.79131.47 
Other Earnings 
Bonus Equity Share Capital6.436.436.436.436.43 
Non-Current Investments Quoted Market Value0.020.040.06 
Non-Current Investments Unquoted Book Value40.067.7421.23 
Current Investments Quoted Market Value 
Current Investments Unquoted Book Value0.530.63 
Source – Money Control

Cash Flow Statement Analysis Of Sintex

Y/e 31 Mar ( In .Cr)Mar-2021Mar-2020Mar-2018Mar-2017
Profit before tax(879.35)(1,342.39)180.27141.55
Tax paid(0.42)85.98(38.43)(7.30)
Working capital 27,893(2,862.66)(2,499.33)(1,108.40)(342.93)
Other operating items
Operating cashflow(4,024.20)(4,040.19)(1,108.72)(340.90)
Capital expenditure5327.024929.131780.69(1,432.39)
Free cash flow1302.82888.94671.97(1,773.29)
Equity raised5534.056990.497337.107274.97
Debt financing/disposal6071.846222.284289.332724.07
Dividends paid5.9413.87
Net in cash12566.8513995.0112191.447963.95
Source – Indiainfoline

Profit & Loss Of Sintex

 12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths 
REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS [GROSS]3,126.501,689.151,634.922,820.772,035.76 
Less: Excise/Sevice Tax/Other Levies0. 
REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS [NET]3,126.501,689.151,634.922,820.772,035.76 
TOTAL OPERATING REVENUES3,126.501,689.151,634.922,820.772,035.76 
Other Income77.3655.0127.5191.55119.81 
TOTAL REVENUE3,203.861,744.161,662.432,912.322,155.57 
Cost Of Materials Consumed2,191.001,110.241,103.421,806.251,327.48 
Purchase Of Stock-In Trade0. 
Operating And Direct Expenses0. 
Changes In Inventories Of FG,WIP And Stock-In Trade-71.315.2179.55-24.24-55.50 
Employee Benefit Expenses163.94134.40157.50178.59146.80 
Finance Costs812.04794.92742.03208.82106.79 
Depreciation And Amortisation Expenses262.31281.75284.40232.42142.16 
Other Expenses413.18292.97630.20474.07316.12 
TOTAL EXPENSES3,771.162,619.492,997.102,875.911,983.85 
Exceptional Items0.00-426.640.000.000.00 
PROFIT/LOSS BEFORE TAX-567.30-1,301.97-1,334.6736.41171.72 
Current Tax0. 
Less: MAT Credit Entitlement0. 
Deferred Tax0.000.00-78.5710.2731.67 
Tax For Earlier Years0.00-0.15-6.12-1.72-32.24 
TOTAL TAX EXPENSES0.00-0.15-84.6917.2135.74 
PROFIT/LOSS FROM CONTINUING OPERATIONS-567.30-1,301.82-1,249.9819.20135.98 
PROFIT/LOSS FOR THE PERIOD-567.30-1,301.82-1,249.9819.20135.98 
Basic EPS (Rs.)-9.47-21.88-21.040.322.37 
Diluted EPS (Rs.)-9.47-21.88-21.040.322.37 
Imported Raw Materials0. 
Indigenous Raw Materials0. 
Imported Stores And Spares0. 
Indigenous Stores And Spares0. 
Equity Share Dividend0. 
Tax On Dividend0. 
Equity Dividend Rate (%) 
Source – Moneycontrol

Quarterly Results Of Sintex

Total Revenue Qtr cr  251.2278.6274.7281.1238.5253.9178.7300.5288.6257101.3
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr182.1282.4276.8636.6227196.3180.7258.9221.3232.795
Operating Profit Qtr Cr66.2-7.7-4.5-358.69.349.5-5.732.644.4-14.6-11.9
Operating Profit Margin Qtr %26.65%-2.82%-1.66%-128.96%3.96%20.15%-3.26%11.19%16.72%-6.71%-14.33%
Depreciation Qtr Cr24.724.92524.325.115.734.235.532.23734.7
Interest Qtr Cr7.
Profit Before Tax Qtr Cr37.1-35.5-32.7-383.1-20.331.8-39.7-192.3-43.9-90.4-105.3
Tax Qtr Cr0.
Net Profit Qtr Cr35.2-37.9-35.3-386.3-21.730.7-40-205.2-46.1-78.4-320.9
Basic EPS Qtr Rs0.6-0.6-0.5-6-0.30.5-0.6-3.2-0.7-1.2-5.1
Net profit TTM Cr-424.2-481.2-412.6-417.4-236.3-260.7-369.8-650.6-1,408.6-926.1-1,049.6
Basic EPS TTM Rs-6.7-7.6-6.5-6.6-3.7-4.1-5.8-10.2-22.3-14.7-16.6
Source – Trendlyne

Competitors Of Future Retail Of Sintex

NameLast PriceMarket Cap.
(Rs. cr.)
Net ProfitTotal Assets
Avenue Supermar3,496.10226,639.5730,352.501,616.1713,924.11
Vedant Fashions1,139.6027,667.211,008.75308.351,175.10
Aditya Birla F215.8520,479.657,824.20-80.704,089.51
Shoppers Stop612.306,713.742,493.81-86.68292.14
Go Fashion1,014.905,481.37401.3135.60438.41
V-Mart Retail2,110.704,173.371,666.1811.64849.62
AB F&R-PP185.301,658.75
Spencer Retail59.15533.131,999.62-84.56550.20
Osia Hyper Reta36.10372.28589.649.04179.50
V2 Retail83.00285.43629.22-12.90309.07
Jay Jalaram194.25216.20
Foce India413.50202.32148.983.8536.06
Future Retail2.40130.156,261.04-3,180.0312,028.72
Praxis Home-RE15.0065.38
Heads UP Vent13.2029.150.97-5.3627.77
Future Ent0.6027.301,513.62-2,324.577,150.45
Arvind Fas-RE18.5027.28
Future Market4.4525.6180.67-12.37172.32
Future Ent DVR4.7018.511,513.62-2,324.577,150.45
Silgo Retail16.5517.0035.102.3147.57
AB Fashion-RE10.150.00
Source – Moneycontrol

Share Holding Pattern Of Future Retail Of Sintex

Shareholding Pattern – Sintex Industries Ltd.
Holder’s NameNo of Shares% Share Holding
Source – Economictimes.indiatimes

Financial Performance Of Sintex

Ratio Analysis Of Sintex

Y/e 31 MarMar-2021Mar-2020Mar-2018Mar-2017
Growth matrix (%)
Revenue growth-0.322-40.7849.516104.209
Op profit growth-138.999-221.8776.53130.856
EBIT growth-85.873-302.10325.30811.774
Net profit growth3.98-985.7945.654-78.641
Profitability ratios (%)
EBIT margin-4.955-34.96410.24512.224
Net profit margin-77.042-73.8554.9386.987
Per share ratios (₹)
Dividend per share000.10.25
Cash EPS-26.504-25.936-0.0050.037
Book value per share-0.842-5.6433.0382.123
Valuation ratios
Payout (%)
Dividend payout004.18810.333
Tax payout0.048-6.405-21.318-5.157
Liquidity ratios
Debtor days18.18178.01782.254271.981
Inventory days31.83382.31253.12877.234
Creditor days-50.571-46.97-43.274-123.566
Leverage ratios
Interest coverage0.1060.796-2.581-2.517
Net debt / equity3.4592.0551.20.877
Net debt / op. profit47.589-18.41318.41112.721
Cost breakup (₹)
Material costs-66.179-73.489-72.906-71.199
Employee costs-7.936-9.268-5.113-4.992
Other costs-17.824-37.845-11.97-9.759
Source – Indiainfoline

Live NSE Chart Of Sintex

Source – Bazaartrend

Company Latest Infra Share News Study :-

You can visit Sintex Company Ltd. Or you can also consider setting up alerts or notifications for news related to the infrastructure industry , so you can stay updated on the latest developments.

Some websites from where you can see its latest news are as follows: Please click on them to see your news: – Economictimes.Indiatimes.comAbout Investing In Sintex –

You can easily find the latest infrastructure stock news by searching online news websites or financial news outlets. Some popular choices include Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Economic Times.

Before you invest in the shares of Shreyas Shipping Ltd or any other company, there is a method of the company,

Investigating and analyzing industry trends requires thorough research and thinking for any investment.

We tell you some points which you can read to ensure your investment:-

1. To evaluate the company’s financial performance, growth potential and industry trends.

2. Assessing the company’s management teams and its track record.

3. Evaluating the competitive position of the company, its financial strengths, weaknesses and looking into the future.

4. Seeing the company’s valuation and financial metrics falling short of the company’s value.

5. If you want to reduce the risk of investment, then you can also go to different companies and by looking at them you can ensure investment.




How To Buy Share :-

To buy shares of Shreyas Shipping Ltd or any other company you need to follow these steps:

Open a Demat Account: A demat account is a type of account where your purchased shares are stored electronically. You can open a Demat account with a bank, financial institution or brokerage firm.

Fund your account: After opening a demat account, you need to deposit money into it to buy shares. You can transfer money to your demat account through net banking or by visiting your bank branch.

Choose a Broker: To buy shares, you need to choose a broker who can execute your trades. You can select a broker based on their reputation, commission fees and other services they provide.

Placing Orders: After choosing a broker, you can place orders to buy shares of Shilpa Medicare Limited through their online trading platform or by calling their customer care.

Keep an eye on your investments: After buying shares, it is important to monitor your investments regularly to stay updated with the company’s performance and market trends.



3.5 paisa

4. Angel Broking

5. ICICI Direct

Expert Opinion On Sintex

Click Here

Our suggestion:-

Shreyas Shipping Ltd is trying to promote all its products domestically and internationally.

Due to which the expansion of this company can be estimated in the near future due to which its shares can be expected to increase. In such a situation, if you are an experienced investor.

So you can decide for yourself whether you should invest in this company or not and if you are an investor.

So you must take information related to investment from the company and you can also visit the company’s website to get its basic information and also you must take advice from your financial advisor.

According to us, investors are investing in this company, who are getting proper benefits from this company.


In the end we want to tell you that Shreyas Shipping Ltd. It is an Indian company which has established its foothold in the shipping and logistics industry. This company imports and exports goods.

Does the company import and export goods from other countries to India? The objective of this company is to bring the goods from other countries to India. This company imports and exports goods in its ships on the sea.

 This company has expanded its presence in many countries and is expanding further. This company has made its name well in India and many other countries.

 If any other companies like this one do better than this and take their industry forward, then this company may have to face some challenges.

But this is not so easy to do because it has been 35 years since this company was formed and it is not common to make such a big market cap like this.

 Therefore, according to us, this company will continue to advance its industry well in future also. Like every company, this is also a company which has its own risks and its own challenges.

You should decide to invest only after looking at these and thinking for yourself so that you can get the best profit. This company takes decisions keeping in mind both good diligence and caution for its customers.

Is company a good stock to buy ?

I can provide information about the company’s financials, operations and other relevant factors that can help investors make informed decisions.

Ultimately, it is important to do your own research, assess your risk tolerance and investment goals, and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

FAQ :-

What does Syntex Company do?
Syntex may be the driving manufacturer of a wide range of water tanks, entryways and windows, pre-engineered buildings, and custom molding arrangements for car, electrical, and other businesses.

Where is Syntex Company located?
Syntex company offices and workplaces are found across India and other parts of the world.

What kind of water tanks does Sintex company make?
Sintex company offers an assortment of water tanks, counting overhead water tanks, underground water tanks, hung water tanks and septic tanks. They also provide water efficiency systems to businesses like neighborhoods, farming, and structures.

What are the priorities of Syntex Water Tank?
Syntex water tanks are known for their strength, erosion resistance and easy support. They are also available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit different applications.

What types of entryways and windows does Syntex Company make?
The Syntex company offers an assortment of entryways and windows, counting PVC entryways and windows, aluminum entryways and windows, and wood entryways and windows. They also provide customized arrangements for commercial and private enterprises.

What are the benefits of Syntex Pre-Engineered Buildings?
Syntex pre-engineered buildings provide cost-effective and time-efficient arrangements for development enterprises. They are made from high quality materials and can be customized to meet specific planning and utility requirements.

What types of custom molding arrangements does Syntex Company provide?
Syntex Company provides custom molding arrangements for a variety of businesses, car, electrical and buyer merchandise counts. They can deliver plastic components and parts customized for special applications.

Is Syntax Company Naturally Competent?
Yes, Syntex Company is committed to natural binding and support capability. They have implemented some measures to reduce their carbon impact and have received certification for their organic management system.

How can I purchase Syntax items?
Syntax items can be obtained through authorized merchants and wholesalers or directly from the company. Their site gives data on how to find a merchant or make a coordinated purchase.

Does Syntex company give after sales benefits?
Yes, Syntex company provides after sales benefits and supports its products. They have a committed customer benefit group that can help with any requests or issues related to their items.

Does Syntex Company offer installation administration for its products?
Yes, Syntex Company provides installation administration for its products counting water tanks, entryways and windows, and pre-fabricated buildings. Their group of experts can guarantee that items are delivered correctly and safely.

What is the guarantee period for Syntax item?
The guarantee period for Syntax items varies depending on the item and the specific terms and conditions of the warranty. Guarantee data is usually included in the item documentation or can be obtained by accessing customer benefits.

Can syntax items be dispatched universally?
Yes, syntax items can be moved internationally. They have a group of partners and wholesalers around the world that can handle the coordination of shipping and deliver their items worldwide.

How do I become a trader or trader of Syntax Commodities?
To become a trader or wholesaler of Syntex products, interested parties can contact the company directly or visit their site for more information. Syntex has special prerequisites for its merchants and wholesalers, and they usually require a certain level of involvement and competence within the industry.

What is the method to lodge a complaint or provide criticism to Syntex Company?
If you have any complaint or information regarding a Syntex product or benefit, you can contact their Customer Benefits Group via email, phone or the contact form on their site. They have a formal complaint that is taking care of the preparations and will work to resolve any issues in a convenient and productive manner.

Note –

The stock forecast/price forecast/target given on our website is only for information and educational purpose for stock market participants/traders/investors.

The content we provide here should not be construed as any financial advice or any other type of advice to invest or trade. One should do their own research and analysis before acting on these comments for any stock as the information is only tentative.

Trading and investing involves high risk, please consult your financial advisor before taking any decision and no responsibility will be taken by for any consequences that may arise from acting on these comments.

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