Veng stock forecast 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040,2050

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Veng Overview 

Vision Energy Corporation is a public company in which hydrogen is made. This hydrogen has been built as a hydro economy supply chain. This company was established in 2015. Its head quarter is established inside Jersey City New Jersey.

Veng provides low carbon energy solutions provider. The company is creating a domestic and global value chain by utilizing and leveraging adjusted gas, power and logistics infrastructure for carbon energy.


Vision Energy (Veng) is working to reduce the carbon ambition. Vision Energy is building a more sustainable energy future. Under which it has started its plants to reduce carbon. Hydrogen Council of which he is also a member now. This company is increasing its hydrogen economy in the world. The whole vision of this company is to minimize carbon emissions.

Some of the projects of this company are operational in Netherlands, United States and Europe.

Veng Business Model 

This company has created this record in the way it has because of your Vision Energy team, due to which their development has become even better, along with this their plant design has also become better.

The company is implementing multimodal logistics for gas and power infrastructure, including low carbon energy products and pipelines, water, rail and road. The company is fully engaged in creating a hydrogen economy. Moving forward with this, let’s look at the business model of the company.

The business model of a company is as follows-

Scalability: The business model of this company is based on scalability. This means that when low carbon energy will increase and people’s demand for it will be high, then this company will benefit a lot. This will happen when the carbon emission will start increasing very much and after that this company will be given full responsibility to handle it.

Revenue diversification: The second business model of this company is diversified. This means that the company is not in the revenue source. Diversification proves helpful in making the company better and in reducing the risk. Due to diversification, the company does not make much difference due to the changes in the market.

Profitability: As you must have come to know by now that the company whose business model is based on hydrogen economy. This company works on a profitable business model.

This means that the company gets a good return on its investment. Due to which this company fulfills its target according to itself. Profitability helps the company to run in the long run.

In this way you must have come to know the business model of Vision Energy Corporation Limited. It is completely dependent on the low carbon energy infrastructure project. Moving forward with this, let’s see the performance of the company.

VENG Performance

Now we will tell you about the performance of Bhajan Energy Corporation. The company is focused on carbon mitigation and renewable energy solutions. As soon as it is seen, the stock of the company has been showing a decline for a few years and currently this company is working at a low price.

Its poor performance is due to some reasons, in which the first is happening in the revenue generation of the company. If seen in a few quarters, this company has generated only about $100,000 in revenue. Which is very less.

This is very less as per last year because at this time this company generated revenue of $1.2 million last year. The second reason is that there are losses after this company.

Within which this company has launched about $ 1.9 million in the last quarter. This is the reason that this company is gradually falling as per last year. According to the last 5 years, this company has made many people.

Let us tell you that the stock of this company is huge as it comes inside the renewable energy sector. This has become possible because all its investors have become worried in view of rising energy costs and have started selling their shares.

If seen from this year to last year, there has been a decline of about eighty percent in it. It explains the challenges coming in the way of the company, which includes the company’s lack of revenue and history of losses.

For example, if investors take some risk now and take interest in this company and invest in it, then it is possible to save the share price of this company, otherwise this company may go into loss and after that there may be a chance to close this company by becoming a bancroft.

VENG Fundamental & Technical Analysis 

Fundamental analysis

  • The vision of this company is focused on renewable energy solutions.
  • This company is at the stage of advanced development and construction as Green Energy AAP.
  • Veng has a strong management team and has a good track record in the IT industry.
  • The company is well positioned due to the increasing demand for low carbon energy products.

Technical analysis

  • The stock price of Veng Company has been very volatile for the last few months.
  • This company is currently trading on 200-day moving average. which is a bullish signal.
  • Its relative train index is around 50.

VENG Shareholders 

Now we will tell you about the share holders of Region Energy Corporation. Share holders of this company are as follows-

  • First Finance Europe Ltd. (12.1%)
  • Charlwood Projects Ltd. (11.5%)
  • American Energy Partners, Inc. (7.4%)
  • MDI Energia S.A. (5.0%)
  • NEVO Energy, Inc. (4.2%)
  • ECOSUNTEK S.P.A. (3.7%)
  • Andrew Hromyk (3.2%)
  • Andy Hidalgo (2.9%)
  • Arron Smyth (2.8%)

Veng Competitors 

Some of the competitors of Vision Energy Corporation are as follows –

  • Fusion Fuel Green PLC (HTOO)
  • 808 Renewable Energy Corp (RNWR)
  • Advent Technologies Holdings Inc (ADN)
  • CREG Energy Inc (CREG)
  • PW Energy Corp (PWCO)
  • Cypress Creek Renewables (CPWR)
  • Clearway Energy Group Inc (CLNV)
  • Enel Green Power (ETRXF)
  • International Renewable Energy Company (IREC)
  • Orsted (OSE:ORSTED)
  • Verbund (WBAG:VER)
  • China Energy Investment Corp (SHSE:600905)
  • Enel (BIT:ENEL)
  • Fortum (OHEL:FORTUM)
  • China Resources Power (HKSE:00916)
  • NextEra Energy (NEE)

VENG Net Worth 

A company has a net worth of around $23.81 million as on July 22, 2023. Looking at the market capitalization of the revenue company, according to us, the liabilities have been reduced. The market capitalization of this company is around $715 million dollars. Its total liquidity is around $480 million.

Veng SWOT Analysis 


  • The management team of this company is very strong. Management team energy its track record
  • Well done within the industry.
  • The Debt to Equity of this company is less.
  • The portfolio of this company is over oil, & gas production and midstream business.
  • Strong brand recognition within such an industry.


  • The market of this company is volatile.
  • Has a small number of customer base.
  • International present is less.
  • Technology is more risky inside the new market.


  • The demand of the company is increasing inside the world.
  • It is possible to grow quickly within a new market.
  • Due to new technology, the development of the company is more.


  • Declining oil and gas prices.
  • Competition is more due to other company.
  • Regulatory changes.

VENG Stock Forecast 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040

Now we will tell you about the stock forecast of veng. We will tell you its lowest, highest and average forecast. This will help you more in investing in this company. Stock forecasts are given inside our website That’s why read more articles of this website of ours. So let’s go ahead and see the stock forecast of this company.

Veng stock forecast 2023

The way this company has started working on low carbon energy in view of the growing world. For this reason, this company will get the opportunity to become more and more famous in the world in the future. The company has focused its approach on reducing carbon emissions.

On top of this it is running its project. If according to them this company shows its performance then its first lowest stock forecast 2023 could be around $0.40. With this, its average stock forecast can be around $ 1.20. And its highest stock forecast can easily touch $3.2.

Veng stock forecast 2025

As you must have understood by reading till now that due to some mistakes this company is facing losses. Due to this, its performance has decreased in the past years. But due to its strong management team, its track record has not deteriorated and has become very good.

Which will prove to be helpful in moving this company forward. Let us tell you that the stock of this company is volatile, which means that its price can go up or fall anytime. With this, its lowest stock forecast for 2025 can be around $3, with this the average stock forecast can be around $5 and IS stock forecast can be around $7.

Veng stock forecast 2028

This company has set its foot in the renewable energy market. Growth is slowly being seen inside this sector. This is the reason that the forecast of this company can be done more. You need to make sure that the forecast of the company does not turn out to be correct.

The performance of this company can be good till 2028 within the stock market. It is being expected that the stock of this company will suddenly increase. Its locale stock forecast can be around $5, along with its IS stock forecast can be around $12 and the average stock forecast can be around $8.

Veng stock forecast 2030

Stock forecast is done by combining many factors. If this company is seen according to the future, then it can be good. The way the boom is being seen inside the solar energy market, accordingly, good growth will be seen in these companies as well.

As energy resources will be needed by humans and there will be a shortage of crude oil, along with that these companies will get a chance to increase their future.

According to this, looking at veng stock forecast 2030, the lowest stock forecast can be around $4. With this, the average stock forecast can go up to around $9 and the highest stock forecast can go up to $20.

Veng stock forecast 2040

From 2030 to 2040, 10 years would have passed. And within so many years, clean energy in the company will become famous in the world very fast. Vision Energy has built its business model in such a way that it can get success in the growth plan made by it.

This company would have raised a lot of funding for its company by this time. This may be due to the increasing demand. According to this, if you look at the stock forecast 2040, then the lowest stock forecast can be around $7. With this, its average stock forecast can touch around $12 and the highest stock forecast can touch around $40.

Veng stock forecast 2050

Region Energy Corporation is a micro cap company pursuing its growth on renewable energy technology. The stock price of this company has been volatile over the years. But renewable energy is being given importance in the world.

Let us tell you that this company is producing its energy while supporting the government according to its business model while handling the risk. The aim of this company is to spread the information about renewable energy to as many people as possible.

With this, if you look at its lowest stock forecast, it can be around $12 in 2050. With this, the average stock forecast can go up to around $21 and the highest stock forecast can go up to around $50.


  1. What is Vision Energy Corp?
    • Vision Energy Corp is a microcap company that is involved in the development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies.
  2. What is the current stock price of VENG?
    • As of July 22, 2023, the stock price of VENG is $0.25.
  3. What are some stock forecasts for VENG in 2050?
    • The low, average, and high stock price forecasts for VENG in 2050 are $0.46, $3.25, and $12.50, respectively.
  4. What is Vision Energy Corp’s stock symbol?
    • Vision Energy Corp’s stock symbol is VENG.
  5. Where is Vision Energy Corp headquartered?
    • Vision Energy Corp is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  6. What is Vision Energy Corp’s mission?
    • Vision Energy Corp’s mission is to provide low-carbon energy solutions

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