ITC Share Bonus History| 1980,2005,2010,2016

ITC Share Bonus History| 1980,2005,2010,2016

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ITC Limited Introduction

ITC Limited Company is a big and respected company of India. This company has included big businesses in its products like cigarette, hotel, package food, paper board etc. 

ITC company is playing its important role in the stock market of India. ITC company has a huge track record collection. ITC Limited Company is a multinational conglomerate company of India whose headquarter is located in Kolkata.

 This company was established in 1910. Let us tell you that after that the name of this company was changed to Indian Tobacco Company Limited.

 In 1974, this company came to be known as ITC Limited. This company has shipped many of its products within India.

 ITC company acted as a major player in the Indian economy. Let us tell you that this company has more than 260000 employees. The turnover of this company is about 600 billion rupees. 

ITC is also working in India as a Major taxpayer. In 2022 2023, the company has given 100 billion rupees tax to the Government of India.

 ITC is responsible as a Corporate Citizen. Keeping a strong focus on social development, this company has expanded itself within India.

Basics Of ITC 

  • Founded in 1910
  • Headquartered in Kolkata, India
  • Market capitalization of ₹4.3 trillion (US$57 billion)
  • Turnover of ₹600 billion (US$80 billion)
  • Employs over 260,000 people
  • Major player in the Indian economy
  • Major taxpayer in India
  • Focused on sustainability and social development
  • Well-managed company with a strong track record of growth
  • Good investment for long-term investors

Shareholding Pattern Of Company 

The shareholding pattern of ITC Limited as of March 31, 2023 is as follows:

  • Promoters: 35.05%
  • FII: 18.70%
  • DIIs: 14.15%
  • Individuals: 27.10%
  • Others: 5.00%

Shareholders Names Of Company

RankNameShares Held (in millions)Percentage of Total Shares
1British American Tobacco PLC3,61929.05%
2Life Insurance Corporation of India (Investment Portfolio)1,89715.23%
3The Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India9757.82%
4SBI Funds Management Ltd.3863.09%
5HDFC Mutual Fund3582.93%
6ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund2962.48%
7Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund2872.42%
8UTI Mutual Fund2692.29%
9Reliance Nippon Life Mutual Fund2622.24%

Competitors Of ITC 

CompanyMarket Share (%)
Godfrey Phillips India22%
Golden Tobacco12%
VST Industries8%
DCM Shriram5%

Products Of ITC

Cigarettes: ITC is the largest cigarette manufacturer in India. Its brands include WillsGold FlakeClassicSuper Match, and Silk Cut

Foods: ITC is a leading player in the packaged foods market in India. Its brands include Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, Kitchens of India, YiPPee!, B Natural, Sunbean, and Farmland.

Personal care: ITC has a portfolio of personal care brands, including Fiama, Vivel, Engage, Superia, Nimyle, Nimeasy, Nimwash, Savlon, and Shower to Shower.

Education: ITC has a chain of schools called Classmate. It also publishes textbooks and stationery under the Classmate brand.

Paperboards and packaging: ITC is a leading manufacturer of paperboards and packaging materials in India. Its brands include ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards, ITC Sonobond, and ITC Prima.

Hotels: ITC has a chain of hotels called ITC Hotels. It also operates the Fortune hotel brand in India

ITC Share Bonus History

Now we will tell you about the share bonus history of ITC company. As we told you, this company has released many bonus shares in its history.

Let us tell you that this company has released bonus shares about 7 times since its inception. This company has issued its bonus shares in some of these ratios. This company has shared some bonus history with you in this way: –

Announcement DateBonus RatioRecord Date
April 29, 19801:1May 20, 1980
July 12, 19941:1August 6, 1994
June 17, 20051:2September 28, 2005
June 18, 20101:1August 4, 2010
May 20, 20161:2July 4, 2016

1980: ITC released bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1 on April 29, 1980. This means that each share held by its shareholders records as on May 20, 1980. They are given as an additional share bonus. Its record date is 20 May 1980.

1994: ITC issued its second bonus share on July 12, 1994 in the ratio of 1:1. This means that every share of the company held on record by the shareholder with effect from August 6, 1994, will get one additional share as bonus. Its record date is 6 August 1994.

2005: ITC released its next Bonus Shares on 17 June 2005 in the ratio of 1:2. This means that for every 2 shares of the company held by the shareholder of the company, one additional share will be given as bonus. Its record date is 28 September 2005.

2010: ITC did its next bonus share on 18th June 2010 which was in the ratio of 1:1. This means that ITC will be added to the shareholder of the company in the form of an additional share bonus in each city. Its record date is 4 August 2010.

2016: ITC company has released its glacier on 20 May 2016 which was of 1:2 ratio. Let us tell you that this means that its shareholder will be added as an additional share bonus in Preeti 2 shares. Its record date was 4 July 2016.


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