Escort Share Price Target 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040

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Escorts Overview

Escort Kubota Limited Company manufactures a wide range of machines such as Indian Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, Railway Equipment. The aim of this company is to develop India by selling the machines made by it all over India.

 This company was established in 1944. The head quarter of this company is located inside Faridabad Haryana. Escort Company manufactures tractors, automotive components, railway equipment and many more. This company manufactures and sells large vehicles all over India and more than 40 countries.

This company is registered with Mumbai Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India. Whose director is Nikhil Nanda. Kubota Escorts Limited Company is ensuring its growth with a strong track record.

Japanese Machines by Kubota Corporation in 2020 Squared to Escort Kubota Limited by Multinational Engineering and Manufacturing Company with 10% Cashback. Escort Company is slowly moving its foot inside the agricultural machinery market of India.

 This company is known for its reliability and durability. Let us tell you that Escort company manufactures harvesters and threshers inside very large ranches. This company manufactures excavators, loaders and more.

 Escort Company manufactures Dumpers, Concrete Mixtures, For Clips, Trucks and many more. This company has made its strong presence in the Indian market inside India. 

Let us tell you that in view of the way more and more equipment is required in the agricultural sector within India, the company is increasing itself gradually. Its major shareholder is the Kobota Corporation, which holds a 10 percent stake.

Escorts Business Model

Escort Company is an Indian multinational company that manufactures agricultural machinery and heavy equipment. With this, the business model of this company is as follows –

Product leadership: Escort Company is an Indian agricultural machinery manufacturing company with a strong brand reputation and a wide dealership network. The development of this company is increasing keeping in view the agricultural technology.

Customer focus: The escort company believes in providing the best products and services to its customers. Customer’s satisfaction and continuous seeks of this company which improves its product service.

Innovation: This company brings new innovations keeping in view the competition. Let us tell you that research and development is being done by this company for huge investments. Under which many patents of this company are included.

Sustainability: Escort Company is an operating company with sustainable means. This company is bringing its new innovations to reduce the environmental impact.

Escorts SWOT analysis


  •  The strong brand of this company is recognizable in India.
  •  Large and long product portfolio.
  • Strong financial position.
  •  The world is more present.


  •  High debit level
  •  Reliance on few customers
  •  Lack of innovation
  •  Competition


  •  Growing Demand of Agricultural and Construction Equipment
  •  Expansion in Indian market and 40 plus countries
  •  Development of New Equipments
  •  History of other company


  •  Economic slowdown in india
  •  Fluctuation in commodity price
  •  Change in government policy
  •  Competition will slowdown

Net Worth Of Escorts

The share price of Escort Company as on 27 July 2023 is ₹2366. The market capitalization of this company is Rs 26838 crores. The network of this company is not available in public.

 You can estimate yourself that its asset and liability, which includes gas, receivable, inventory, property, plant, equipment, and provision, that how much net worth it can be.

Escorts Share Price Target 2023

As you can tell, there is a gradual decline in the stock of this company. Let me tell you, if it remains the same for a long time, then you can think of investing for a short time. 

But there is also a point inside this that if this company, while improving its business model, spreads its company slowly within other countries, then it can help in increasing the share price of this company. With this, his first target can be ₹ 2480. With this, its second share price target is expected to be around ₹2600.

Escorts Share Price Target 2025

Let us tell you that this company has had good financial performance in the last years. The demand of this company for making agricultural and equipment inside tractors is increasing more and more. This demand is increasing rapidly inside India. 

According to the business model of this company, it is being planned in such a way that its product portfolio should be increased further and along with that, it should also be started by entering other new markets. With this, his first share price target can be around ₹ 3000. Its second share price target can go up to around ₹ 3600.

Escorts Share Price Target 2028

This company has strong fundamentals and understanding to look inside the market for a long time. Let us tell you that this company is gradually developing its business in making new products in the Indian market. 

This company is growing with a CAGR of 8 to 10 percent within the Indian market and it can grow to this percent for the next 5 years. Let us tell you that this company has a good performance inside the Indian economy.

 With this, his first share price target can be around ₹ 3900. And its second share price target can go up to around 4800. 

Escorts Share Price Target 2030

The target of the escort company depends on many factors. The market of this company can reach many foreign states by 2030. The way the company is speeding up the process of making its goods,

if it starts making more new goods, then it will be very profitable. This company is considered very much inside India. With this, its first target can be around ₹ 5300. Its second target can go up to around 6800.

Escorts Share Price Target 2040

If we talk about the past years, then the profit growth of this company has been very good. But if we talk about promoter holding, then the folding of this company seems to be decreasing. 

Which is worth worrying about. And if this holding of this company increases even a little within the coming days, then it is possible for this company to boom in the long run. 

With this, its first share price target can be around ₹ 7000. And from the second the price target can be around ₹ 8200.

Is Escorts Share good to buy?

Yes or no to buy Escort shares depends on you and your investment goals and risk tolerance. Within this, the financial performance of the company, the industry outlook of the company, valuation, and many other things depend.

 That’s why it is impossible to tell whether it is right or wrong. Because how you see this company depends on you. According to us it would be right to buy it. 

Risk Factors in Escorts Share Price?

It is an agricultural and various machinery equipment manufacturing company. The stock price of this company and its risk depends on many things which are cyclical demand, competition, export dependence, raw material price and legal risk.

 Apart from this, there is some different risk involved in this company which can happen due to change in government policy, natural disaster and cyber attack. Investors should invest in it considering their own risk and potential. 

Escorts conclusion

While making the conclusion of the stock price target of this company, there is no opinion and no other answer inside it. Let us tell you that this company is dependent on the condition of the market. 

The target price of this company can be higher or lower than what we have told you. If the stock price of this company is to be estimated, then it takes many factors. 

Which includes equipment, machinery items and many more things. Looking at this, according to us, it can be told that after reading so much to buy it, you can make yourself sure whether you are taking the right decision yourself or not.


What is the current Escorts Share Price?

As of 27 July 2023, 10:44 AM PST, the current Escorts Share Price is INR 2,366.00.

What is the 52-week high and low of Escorts Share Price?

The 52-week high of Escorts Share Price is INR 2,449.35, while the 52-week low is INR 1,500.00.

What is the market capitalization of Escorts Share Price?

The market capitalization of Escorts Share Price is INR 43,757.66 crores.

What is the PE ratio of Escorts Share Price?

The PE ratio of Escorts Share Price is 57.63.

What is the PB ratio of Escorts Share Price?

The PB ratio of Escorts Share Price is 4.11.

How can I buy Escorts Share Price?

You can buy Escorts Share Price through a stockbroker or a trading platform.

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