Supreme Court gave new deadline for arrear payment

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On Monday, the Supreme Court has further extended the deadline for arrears. This area is on One Rank One Pension Scheme in which retired military personal and family pensioners have to pay.

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud and Justices JB PARDIWALA and PS NARASIMHA have issued this order to ensure payment of arrears of family pension and award winners within 30th April.

Those above 70 years of age will have to pay the arrears in a single instalment.

Or it should be paid separately. And the remaining 3 equal installments will have to be paid by August 31, November 30 and February 28 of 2024.

The Supreme Court had issued a revised deadline and staggered payment schedule due to financial difficulties faced by the Central Government in paying the dues.

The Defense Ministry had submitted an application to extend the date of payment but the court refused to accept this application which came in a sealed envelope.

In this letter, Attorney General R. VENKATARAMANI CJI said that the original process of sealed cover notes went on for a week which was stated in the court, this sealed cover note India’s ODI match and CBI said that they want to close the business of shield cover.

PGI also said that the Supreme Court started accepting it in a sealed envelope and they were just obeying the court.

CBI said that if we cut the sealed covered notes then there will be no justification for the seat cover being taken by the High Court because this procedure is followed by the High Court.

The CJI said that there is nothing hidden in this matter because the previous order of the Supreme Court had been issued regarding its implementation.

It is about implementing those orders. You have to give the court case file to your other party and the sealed cover is completely against the principles of the court.

The Supreme Court, while issuing a notification last Monday, had indicated to pay the dues before the deadline,

In which it had decided to make the payment in four installments. In the order of the Supreme Court, it has been said that the Center will have to conduct PERSONNEL exercise for 5 years in the pension and arrears of the security personnel.

This article has been written on Economics Times.India paper. Copy of some words and information used in it goes to this.

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