Paras Defense Share Price Target 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040

Paras Defense Share Price Target 2023,2025,2028,2030,2040

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Paras Defense Introduction

  • Name: Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited
  • Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Founded: 1970s
  • CEO: Munjal Sharad Shah
  • Products: Defence and space products, including infrared optics, defence electronics, heavy engineering, electromagnetic pulse protection solutions, and niche technologies
  • Revenue: ₹1.2 billion (US$16 million) (FY2022)
  • Employees: 600+

Paras Defense and Space Technology Limited Company manufactures things like Defense Electronics, Defense Space Optics and Heavy Defense Engineering according to man capability within India. 

This is the only company that manufactures infrared optics on a large scale within India. Paras Defense Company was established in 1979.

 This company has more than 40 years of experience in the defense and space industry. Due to its defense and space program inside India, it is making maximum contribution in India.

The head quarter of this company is located inside Ahmedabad Gujarat India. This company has more than 600 employees. This company was established by Mr. Sharad Virji Shah. It was only by him that for the first time manufacturing was started from small workshops within the defense industry.

 The goods made by this company are used in forces inside India like Defense Force and Armed Forces. Let us tell you because of this, this company makes and supplies a wide range of optical products within India, giving its significant contribution. 

Let us tell you that Paras Defense Company has optical domes, gyro blocks, diffractive gratings, multi-fold lenses, zerodur mirrors, metal mirrors, ultra-precision manufacturing, inside India. and supplies things like lens barrel. 

Along with this, this company also provides many electronic vertical products within India, such as electronic products and systems, including mil grade control system,

mil grade computing consoles, mil qualified rugged displays, mil grade computers/servers, software development, data/video/image processing, and acoustic and magnetic sensing products makes these things.

 This company also manufactures heavy engineering products which include many things like flow formed tubes, active array radar cooling assemblies, titanium manufacturing, special metal manufacturing, heavy structures. 

Along with this, this company also provides some electromagnetic pulse protection solutions, after which it also works in new technology, which includes things like optical fiber sensors, laser systems and quantum computers.

 The way this company has strengthened its track record and has increased itself according to the demand in the defense sector within India, it can be estimated that it can go much further in the future.

Paras Defense Share Price Target 2023

The way we told you, Paras Defense Company is improving its performance within its defense sector. Its effect will be in such a way that in the coming future, this company will start getting orders from the government to manufacture every item. 

As we said, it manufactures goods used in defense and it displays its products and services so well that the Indian government invests more and more in its goods. The Indian government can invest more in it in the coming times. 

In view of this, its first share price target can be around Rs 654.7. With this, its second share price target can go up to around Rs 625.8.

Paras Defense Share Price Target 2025

Paras Defense Company designs your product as per your demand. Paras Defense Company is successful in maintaining its growth transaction. This company is gradually increasing its stock price. This bullish is visible in the market. 

This means that in the coming years this company will be seen taking its growth curve upwards. Looking at this, it is being estimated that its first share price target can be around ₹ 1050, along with this, its second share price target is expected to be around 1150 with a growth of about 75 percent.

Paras Defense Share Price Target 2028

Shows you the Paras Defense Company share price in higher and lower range. Let us tell you that the share price target is made keeping in view the coming years. It is not possible that what we are telling you will be as per that, sometimes it may go up or down. 

This is entirely due to future changes. Looking at the way Paras Defense Company has been improved by its management team while increasing its innovation and product development, then its first share price target can be around ₹1810. With this, its second share price target can go above 250% to ₹2000.

Paras Defense Share Price Target 2030

 The difference between two stock price targets is very wide. Let us tell you, the way we tell you the patient of 2 share price, if its stock goes up accordingly, then you can see a lot of growth in it. The Government of India is planning to increase its defense budget to two and a half percent of GDP and is thinking of doing this by 2028. 

And due to this, a significant opportunity can be found inside Paras Defense Company. It can improve the revenue and profit of the company by increasing its product portfolio. With this, its first share price target can be around ₹ 2200. And its second share price target can be around ₹ 3800.

Paras Defense Share Price Target 2040

Looking at the way Paras Defense Company is taking its Globally Present score to the whole world, it is expected that it will further increase its product and development. Let us tell you that the Government of India has thought of increasing the defense budget.

 If this happens, then the product of this company will have a lot of impact. If this company used to make 100 products earlier, now it may have to double it, which will have the effect that it can get a good margin in its annual revenue and gross profit. 

If this happens, then there can be a huge jump in its share price in future. And in view of this, the first share price target can be around Rs.12300. This can be 16200 rupees. 

Paras Defense Competitor

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)Bangalore1954Defence and Electronics
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)Bangalore1940Aerospace and Defence
Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL)Hyderabad2007Aerospace and Defence
L&T DefenceMumbai1964Aerospace and Defence
Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL)Pune1995Aerospace and Defence
VEM TechnologiesCoimbatore1971Aerospace and Defence
Dynamatic Technologies Limited (DTL)Chennai1974Aerospace and Defence
Adani Defence & AerospaceAhmedabad2017Aerospace and Defence
Pipavav Defence & Offshore Engineering Company Limited (PDOECL)Gujarat1995Defence and Offshore Engineering

Paras Defence Balance Sheet Analysis

LiabilitiesAmount (in crores)
Shareholder’s Funds413.13
Non-Current Liabilities23.17
Current Liabilities66.89
Total Liabilities503.19
AssetsAmount (in crores)
Non-Current Assets181.20
Current Assets221.99
Total Assets403.19

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