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Gold Price Fall Sharply, See How Gold Became So Cheap

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Let us tell you that once again a fall has been recorded in gold, a few days ago this fall was touching the sky.

If you are desperate to buy gold then there is a good news for you, there was a lot of rise in gold rates on Monday and Tuesday, but once again its pace has slowed down.

The price of gold has once again crossed ₹ 59000 per 10 grams. After this you will be told that the price of gold in the country has reached around 59500, but if seen, a slight decline was seen in gold on Tuesday.

The rate of gold in India is without tax which shows the difference in our country.

If seen on Tuesday, there was a much quicker reversal in the price of gold as compared to silver.

On Tuesday, silver had closed at Rs 68,499 per 10 grams, up by Rs 17, while on Monday, silver had closed at Rs 68,470, up by Rs 16,100, up by Rs 95.

Let us know the price of 14 to 12 carat gold.

With this rise, 24 carat gold became cheaper by Rs 291 to Rs 59180, 23 carat gold became cheaper by Rs 290 to Rs 58945, 22 carat gold became cheaper by Rs 267 to Rs 54200, 18 carat gold became cheaper by Rs 218 to Rs 44391 and Finally, 14 carat gold became cheaper by Rs 170 and is trading at Rs 34620.

If you are thinking of buying gold then this opportunity can be good for you, it depends on your budget, how much gold you have to buy, the price of gold keeps fluctuating, you can buy it anytime. , gold is up anytime. Sometimes it comes down and now it comes.

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