Fiem Industries Share Price Traget 2023,2024,2025,2030,2040 Good Income

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FIEM Industry Stock Price Targets 2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030,2040

Hello friends, welcome to our share price target, here in this article we are going to tell you about FIEM INDUSTRIES share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 , 2027,

With share price targets 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040. Along with this, if you are new then we are also going to give you basic information about the company.

Investors, then this article is going to be very informative for you, and it will also make it easier for you to decide to invest in the company,

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FIEM Industry Stock Price Targets 2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030,2040

FIEM Industries Company Information:-

FEM Industries Ltd. Automotive Lighting and Signaling Turn Off and Rear View Mirror Manufacturers

FIEM Industries Limited has evolved in a distinct manner with visionary vision, innovation and sheer dynamism in its field. Currently FIEM 9 is a well-known name in the automotive lighting industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing

India, has facilities spread across India, R&D/Design centers in Japan and Italy and is a renowned supplier to leading OEMs in India and abroad.

The company’s major products include Head Lamp, Tail Lamp, Rear Combination Lamp, Side Indicator Lamp, LED Head Lamp, LED Tail Lamp, LED Bus/Railway Display Panel.

The company was established on 6 February 1989. This company was founded by JK Jain.

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The company also has a market share of 30% in the two wheeler segment.

The company’s customers include big companies like Honda, Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Bounce, TVS, Tata, Yamaha, Ola and Harley Davidson.

The company manufactures automotive systems and parts, such as automotive lighting systems and signaling equipment, automotive LED lighting systems,

Rear view mirrors, sheet metal parts and plastic parts for two, three and four wheelers . Our diverse product portfolio includes automotive head lamps,

There are LED head lamp, tail lamp, signaling lamp, LED tail lamp, LED signaling lamp, rear view mirror, roof lamp, warning triangle, complete rear fender assembly, frame assembly, mudguard and various sheets.

Metal and plastic components etc. play an important role in meeting the needs of almost all segments of the automobile industry such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, LCVs, HTVs, tractors and electric vehicles.

FIEM Industry Stock Price Targets 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030,2040

We at are here to give you estimated information about share price targets for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030.

And 2040 Please note that this price target is only a suggestion given by our analysis. The price target that we aim for will be

Accurate/correct is almost impossible. Errors are always present in any analysis, but we do our best to give you a good price target.

FIEM Industries Share Price Target 2023

FIEM Company has highly skilled and experienced work force that always strives to meet the needs of the customers. FIEM Company always strives for the highest standards in manufacturing, manufacturing its products by adopting the latest

Technology and providing best quality products. Manufacturing ensures timely delivery to customers, this is a very good feature of the company, from which we can predict that the company will have good sales in the coming year.

With its similar strategy due to which the company will perform well in the stock market which as per our analysis Fiam Industries share price target for 2023 is ₹2100 first target and ₹2300 second target.

FIEM Industry Share Price Target 2024

The company, through its research and development team, provides products that meet customer needs and are loved by more and more people

Customer. The company’s products are made by understanding the needs of the company.

Consumers through innovative technology, which enables the company to share price targets for industries for 2024, the first target can be ₹2350, the second target can be ₹2550.

FIEM Industry Share Price Target 2025

With the changing world, the company is striving to produce its products as per the needs of the customers, which is its best feature .

From this we can guess that with increasing time the company will try to improve its products further. work for

Due to which, with good profits and good returns of the company in the coming time, the first target target for fiem Industries by 2025 can be ₹2600 and the second target can be ₹2800.

FIEM Industries Share Price Target 2026

According to information available on the company’s website, apart from direct supplies to the company’s OEM customers from 9 factories of the company

The company supplies its products to its dealers and retailers spread across India and in the export markets. Provides after sales service through its own depot setup in developed auto spares markets

From this we can know the good network of the company from which we can guess that the company can further expand its area in the coming time,

Given that as per our analysis the first target share price target for fiem Industries in 2026 is ₹2850 and the second target could be ₹3000.

FIEM Industry Share Price Target 2027

Another feature of the company is that all the factories of the company are established only on company owned plots and are strategically located.

Near the OEM, where the company gets a lot of help in further enhancing its capacity. From which we can understand that the company is doing its work very efficiently, from which we can estimate the company’s chances of achieving it.

Its expansion as well as profits in the coming time, according to our analysis firm For Industries Share Price Target 2027, the first target can be ₹3050 and the second target can be ₹3250.

FIEM Industries Share Price Target 2028

The company has developed more than 100 new generation LED luminaires including LED bulbs, tube lights, down lighters, panel lights, street lights.

LED luminaire segment includes bay lights, flood lights etc. In this way,

Given that the company is also working in these areas, as per our analysis, the first target for fiem Industries share price target for 2028 is ₹3300 and the second target could be ₹3500.

FIEM Industries Share Price Target 2029

FIEM Company is expected to get good sales from India as well as abroad. The company can also see good business outside India from big companies like Harley Davidson, Global TV, similarly it caters to the needs of

Companies like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda so that we can sell with good companies. Looking at the process, according to our analysis,

Fiam Industries share price target for 2029 is ₹3550 with first target and ₹3750 as second target.

FIEM Industry Share Price Target 2030

Talking about the company’s future plans, according to the information received from the company’s website, the company is planning to open a depot and expand.

Its distribution and retail network for its automotive segment products to tap future growth opportunities in replacement markets. In this way we can see the future plans of the company along with its growth,

Its share price will rise and with better returns, according to our analysis, Fiam Industries’ share price target 2030 is the first target. ₹3800 and second target can be ₹4000

FIEM Industry Share Price Target 2040

The way the company is developing its larger network and production capacity of more products and trying to increase its sales in different regions of India.

Also, at the international level also, it is estimated that there will be good growth prospects for the company in the coming time. According to our analysis FIEM INDUSTRIES share price target for 2040 is ₹5800 with first target and ₹6000 as second target.


In conclusion, we can say that the company is currently moving towards its good growth, due to which we can expect the expansion of this company in the future and along with it, its share price can also be expected to increase. .

Our suggestion:-

FEM Industries Ltd. Produces and sells all its products in an excellent manner, due to which the expansion of this company can be anticipated in the near future,

Due to which its shares can be expected to increase, so if you are an experienced investor then you can take this decision yourself. You can decide whether you should invest in this company or not and if you are an investor,

So you must get investment related information from the company and you can also get its basic information by visiting the company’s website and you can also take advice from your financial advisor. must take


The stock forecast / price prediction / targets given in our website is only for information and educational purpose for stock market participants / traders / investors.

The content we provide here should not be construed as any financial advice or any other type of advice to invest or trade.

One should do their own research and analysis before acting on these comments for any stock as the information is only tentative.

Trading and investing involves high risk, please consult your financial advisor before taking any decision and no responsibility will be taken by for any consequences that may arise from acting on these comments.

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