Coforge Company Share Price Targets 2023,2024,2025,2030,2040 Good Income

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Coforge Company share price target 2023,2024,2025,2030,2040

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We will start targeting the share price of Co Farz Company in which we will tell you the target of this company till 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 and 2040. This will be an article in which we will discuss in detail about this company in which you will know that this Mutual funds and FIIs have also increased their holding in the company’s stock more than before. If we talk about this time, mutual funds and FIIs have increased their holding on its chair up to 41 percent, so let us know that this company has To the target.

Coforge Company Information

This company is a company working on IT sector i.e. technology sector. If seen in India, there are many software solution companies available and if we look at the top 20 companies among them, the name of one of those companies is coforge company
. At present, it is a 1 minute cap company. If we look at its needs, then there is a possibility of this company joining the large cap companies in the coming few days.

If we look at the year of establishment of this company, it is 2003 in which the name of this company was NIIT Company, but in the year 2019, this company had sold its 33 percent share to Coforge Company, in view of this, NIIT Company changed its name to Coforge Company. If we look at its partnerships, it is with many big IT companies of the world. At present, this company has orders worth about Rs 4000 crores. This company keeps getting many big orders from time to time. are

The main business of this company is also located in big countries like USA, Singapore, Australia, UK, Germany and Thailand. Along with this, if we look at the debt of the company, then this debt is of about Rs 500 crores, but if you see that this company How much is the gas recharge so you can stay awake?

Because it is Rs 2700 crore due to which we can also give the status of a debt free company. Moving forward with this, we will start the share price target of this company. The share price target will be till 2023 2024 2025 2030 2040 in which you will get We will tell you what can happen, so keep reading the article while moving forward with us: –

Share price target 2023

In our country India, just as there is turmoil in the world, in the same way there is turmoil in the stock market in India too, but there are many brokerage companies which say that you can buy the shares of this company. Along with this, if we look at its target, then the first share target for 2023 will be ₹ 4300 and the second target can be ₹ 4600.

Share target 2024

Substantial holdings have been placed on this company by mutual funds and FIIs, due to which we can get a good indication of the future growth of this stock, hence while making the share price target 2024, we can estimate that it will be very high at the first target of ₹ 5000. And the second target can be up to ₹ 5400.

Share target 2025

This company is moving forward with great opposition in the IT sector. This company is also famous as a debt free company and the promoters of this company have not mortgaged even a single share and this company will grow in the coming days. Large cap company is also seen joining the market due to which the first target of its share price target by 2025 may be ₹ 6000 and the second target may reach ₹ 6800.

Share target 2030

This company is seen growing to give a good competition to other IT companies in the future and the business model of this company is also looking very good which is spread all over the world. The customer list of this company is also very high. There are also names of good and big clients from APN, but if the APN big clients do not work on this company, then it may have to face a lot of hurdles. Along with this, we will keep the share price target of this company for the first 20-30 years at ₹ 7000. And the second one will be up to ₹8000.


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